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Universal Package Manager

Consistency across your software development. Host your NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, Docker, PowerShell packages in one place.


Application Release Automation

Automate deployments, coordinate releases, and standardize processes across your entire application suite with integrations for all of your existing tools.


Infrastructure as Code

Define server configuration using built-in or PowerShell DSC resources, visualize and remediate drift, and orchestrate complex jobs, all while ensuring compliance.

ProGet enables ABANCA to comply with EU mandate months before deadline.

University of Colorado Health uses BuildMaster to scale exponential growth, and customize Epic health care software.

Using Otter, SureID was able to remediate server drift
with the push of a button

Cool Stuff & Fun Projects

Code Offsets

Like carbon offsets, which aim to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide/greenhouse gases to compensate, or offset emissions made elsewhere, Code Offsets are used to offset bad code that already exists. When you purchase a pack of Code Offsets, the proceeds go to our partner organization, a non-profit that helps promote good code through education.

Programming Languages ABC++

Programming Languages ABC++ is an alphabet book all about coding that's fun for both toddlers and their grown up counterparts. It's not about teaching a baby to make a program, that's silly. It's about creating a way for software developers to connect with the kids in their life. They're able to share a little about what they do, in a context that the kids will actually enjoy.

Release! the Game

We decided to combine our love for card games, with our expansive knowledge about building software, to create a card game everyone, and anyone, could enjoy. Release! was inspired by classic trick-taking games, but with our own twist, and the available plugins and expansions make it possible that each game will be different, every time you play.