BuildMaster 5.8 - is in Beta!

The new features in this release include plan versioning, text templating, and an updated LDAP and Active Directory integration.

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Version 5.8

We've added three major features in this version of BuildMaster: Text Templating, updated LDAP and Active Directory integration, and Plan Versioning.

Text Templating

You can now use the Apply-Template operation to perform advanced text replacement. Templating is part of the SDK, so it can also be used by custom extensions.

This feature can be used in combination with Configuration Variables as the simplest mechanism to deploy configuration files.

Updated LDAP and Active Directory

We've added a slightly different LDAP and Active Directory integration. This updated integration will allow permissions to be granted to users and groups defined in a third-party LDAP directory, or Active Directory domain forest.

Plan Versioning

BuildMaster will now maintain a history of any edits made to your deployment plan, creating different versions of that plan, which can be compared side-by-side. This will allow for easy rollback to a previous version of a plan, similar to a "revert" in source control.

BuildMaster Roadmap

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