Integrating TeamCity and BuildMaster

Although BuildMaster has Continuous Integration (CI) features, it is not designed solely as a CI server. JetBrains TeamCity, on the other hand, is designed specifically to solve the problem of CI and has several features that BuildMaster does not. For a more detailed comparison, see KB #1023: BuildMaster vs. TeamCity.

By integrating with BuildMaster, different users can easily deploy TeamCity artifacts to various environments, whether in-house or on the cloud.

TeamCity & BuildMaster

This combination of tools offer several advantages:

  • Deploy from existing TeamCity configurations
  • Use advanced features only offered by TeamCity
  • Maintain separation of build/deployment responsibilities

Getting Started with TeamCity and BuildMaster

The easiest way to get started is using the Deploy TeamCity Build wizard. The following screenshots will walk you through the process of using this wizard.

To learn more, check out Deploying a TeamCity Build in BuildMaster

Extension Details

This functionality is delivered as a BuildMaster Extension and can be installed or upgraded from within BuildMaster. See installation instructions for more details.

VersionReleasedMinimum Version
5.0.0 (notes)4/29/2016BuildMaster 5.0.0Download v5.0.0
4.8 (notes)1/26/2016BuildMaster 4.9.5Download v4.8
4.7 (notes)1/11/2016BuildMaster 4.9.5Download v4.7
4.6 (notes)7/16/2015BuildMaster 4.4.1Download v4.6
4.5 (notes)6/26/2015BuildMaster 4.4.1Download v4.5
4.4 (notes)2/19/2015BuildMaster 4.4.1Download v4.4
4.3 (notes)8/8/2014BuildMaster 4.4.1Download v4.3
4.2 (notes)11/21/2013BuildMaster 4.0.7Download v4.2
4.1 (notes)10/12/2013BuildMaster 4.0.3Download v4.1
4.0 (notes)10/7/2013BuildMaster 4.0.2Download v4.0
3.1 (notes)1/18/2013BuildMaster 3.5.0Download v3.1
3.0 (notes)8/1/2012BuildMaster 3.2.0Download v3.0

Source Code

The source code for this extension is available on GitHub: View on GitHub