Integrating TeamCity and BuildMaster

Although BuildMaster has Continuous Integration (CI) features, it is not designed solely as a CI server. JetBrains TeamCity, on the other hand, is designed specifically to solve the problem of CI and has several features that BuildMaster does not. For a more detailed comparison, see KB #1023: BuildMaster vs. TeamCity.

By integrating with BuildMaster, different users can easily deploy TeamCity artifacts to various environments, whether in-house or on the cloud.

TeamCity & BuildMaster

This combination of tools offer several advantages:

  • Deploy from existing TeamCity configurations
  • Use advanced features only offered by TeamCity
  • Maintain separation of build/deployment responsibilities

Getting Started with TeamCity and BuildMaster

To get started, check out Deploying a TeamCity Build in BuildMaster

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Extension Details

This functionality is delivered as a BuildMaster Extension and can be installed or upgraded from within BuildMaster. See installation instructions for more details.

VersionReleasedMinimum Version
5.2.1 (notes)8/11/2016BuildMaster 5.2.0Download v5.2.1
5.2.0 (notes)7/11/2016BuildMaster 5.2.0Download v5.2.0
5.1.0 (notes)6/17/2016BuildMaster 5.1.0Download v5.1.0
5.0.1 (notes)6/14/2016BuildMaster 5.0.0Download v5.0.1
5.0.0 (notes)4/29/2016BuildMaster 5.0.0Download v5.0.0
4.8 (notes)1/26/2016BuildMaster 4.9.5Download v4.8
4.7 (notes)1/11/2016BuildMaster 4.9.5Download v4.7
4.6 (notes)7/16/2015BuildMaster 4.4.1Download v4.6
4.5 (notes)6/26/2015BuildMaster 4.4.1Download v4.5
4.4 (notes)2/19/2015BuildMaster 4.4.1Download v4.4
4.3 (notes)8/8/2014BuildMaster 4.4.1Download v4.3
4.2 (notes)11/21/2013BuildMaster 4.0.7Download v4.2
4.1 (notes)10/12/2013BuildMaster 4.0.3Download v4.1
4.0 (notes)10/7/2013BuildMaster 4.0.2Download v4.0
3.1 (notes)1/18/2013BuildMaster 3.5.0Download v3.1
3.0 (notes)8/1/2012BuildMaster 3.2.0Download v3.0

Source Code

The source code for this extension is available on GitHub: View on GitHub