Integrating TFS2012 and BuildMaster

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This extension has been deprecated in favor of the TFS Extension.

TFS Extension vs TFS2012 Extension

The newer, TFS Extension was essentially a fork of this extension, and all future development is being done against the TFS Extension. The primary reason for the switch was to lessen the confusion between which version of TFS is required for which extension and to support all versions of TFS going forward.

Deprecation & Compatibility

We stopped actively maintaining this extension as of BuildMaster v4.4; it will remain functional through BuildMaster 5.0, at which point the installer will automatically convert the TFS2012 providers to TFS providers and require that you download the TFS extension. If you wish to do this sooner, contact us through our support channels.

This extension is compatible with Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010, 2012, and 2013 (see Microsoft's TFS Client/Server Compatibility for more information), and includes actions and providers for:

  • source control integration
  • work item integration
  • creating builds in TFS Team Build
  • importing artifacts from TFS Team Build build drop locations

Licensing Requirements

Due to Microsoft licensing requirements, before the TFS extension can integrate with any part of TFS, the appropriate version of Team Explorer must be installed on the build server that intends on accessing TFS services. The required editions can be found here:

Extension Details

This functionality is delivered as a BuildMaster Extension and can be installed or upgraded from within BuildMaster. See installation instructions for more details.

VersionReleasedMinimum Version
4.5 (notes)8/26/2014BuildMaster 4.1.0Download v4.5
4.4 (notes)2/4/2014BuildMaster 4.1.0Download v4.4
4.3 (notes)12/18/2013BuildMaster 4.0.7Download v4.3
4.2 (notes)11/21/2013BuildMaster 4.0.7Download v4.2
4.1 (notes)10/10/2013BuildMaster 4.0.2Download v4.1
4.0 (notes)9/16/2013BuildMaster 4.0.0Download v4.0
3.3 (notes)4/18/2013BuildMaster 3.5.0Download v3.3
3.2 (notes)3/18/2013BuildMaster 3.5.0Download v3.2
3.1 (notes)1/18/2013BuildMaster 3.5.0Download v3.1
3.0 (notes)10/22/2012BuildMaster 3.2.4Download v3.0

Source Code

The source code for this extension is available on GitHub: View on GitHub