BuildMaster Features

Deployment Automation

Automate your software deployment

Whether your application requires a time-consuming compilation process or a simple xcopy deployment, BuildMaster can automate your entire build/deployment process as well as serve as a central location for that process.


Release Management

Automate your release process

BuildMaster lets you easily manage your projects' workflows. Whether you have a large or small team, everyone will be on the same page.


Continuous Integration

Use BuildMaster's or your own

You can use BuildMaster's repeatable deployment automation with your existing Continuous Integration suite, or if you're not currently using CI, use BuildMaster's basic Build Automation features to get started.


More Features

BuildMaster offers more than just release and deployment automation...

  • Extensibility
  • Security
  • Support


Platform-Specific Features

BuildMaster's extensibility engine allows us to build specific platform functionality into extensions for all types of platforms including .NET, Java, and more.

.NET BuildMaster's .NET extensions include several .NET-specific actions to build projects, manage library dependencies, GAC installs, assembly NGen, ASP.NET, ClickOnce, and more. Java Java support in BuildMaster includes running Ant for builds, executing Maven, running the Java compiler directly, and performing JUnit tests. Amazon Web Services BuildMaster's Amazon Web Services extensions include a number of actions to support and enhance the deployment and management of infrastructure and applications running on the Amazon Web Services platforms. Windows Azure BuildMaster's Windows Azure extensions include actions to manage the entire lifecycle of Windows Azure Cloud Services, deployment of Web Sites and Blob stroage management.