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Whether your application requires a time-consuming compilation process or a simple xcopy deployment, BuildMaster can automate your entire build/deployment process as well as serve as a central location for that process.

Simple, Clean User Interface

Simply tell BuildMaster what to do using our library of common actions, or leverage your existing scripts by having BuildMaster execute them for you. Either way, you can automate your application's deployment process using a simple web interface.

  • Create easy-to-understand deployment plans using a simple interface
  • Add, edit, reorder, or delete actions with a few clicks
  • View a history and detailed log of past deployments
Build Plan

Multiple Servers

Orchestrate Multiple Servers

Builds and deployments are rarely confined to one server alone. BuildMaster can orchestrate multiple servers, executing actions on whatever server you specify.

  • Compile your source code on your build server, then transfer the output to an integration server
  • Execute almost any action on any server in BuildMaster - even command line actions or scripts
  • Platform-neutral actions may run on Windows or Linux-based servers