BuildMaster Testimonials

BuildMaster helped us streamline and automate the tricky and sometimes error prone manual work required for pushing builds through to deployment while meeting the demands of the business group.

-- Eric Wise, Hartville Group

I've found BuildMaster to be the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to managing projects and their environments.

-- cdeszaq @ Stack Overflow

BuildMaster is extremely capable software, especially in an enterprise environment.

-- Henry

It's absolutely swell.

-- Brandon Johnson, Recover Care

First of all I want to say as one software developer to another – this is a very solid piece of software. It has a good feature set and lots of support for our mixed platforms, which is important.

-- Rick Dailey

We use BuildMaster to make sense of incremental builds and their very liquid feature sets. The fact that it spits out our config files and SQL scripts for deployment gives us that much less to worry about come deployment day!

-- Flippie Scholtz

With BuildMaster, we can now react at the speed of business without the worry that the mechanics of the release process will get in the way or, worse, damage the business.

-- Michael Kalman, CIO

BuildMaster let us define and implement a *real* deployment process and in doing so, saved us all a lot of time and headaches.

-- Michael F. Starke, University Hospitals

Wait, that's it!? It took less time to set up my deployment plan then to actually deploy!

-- Rich Darvins

Wow, I didn't expect any support on the free version! Also... your mail the timestamp says it's 2:45 AM your time?! Do you guys never sleep?

-- Frank D.

Feature request... allow me to go back in time and install BuildMaster last year. My life would have been so much easier.

-- Stephen J

BuildMaster is a great tool for automating the build process, but stands head and shoulders above other tools with features like promotion approvals, database change automation, and dependency management with NuGet. These guys are brilliant!

-- Joel Byler, Wayne Dalton

Things have gone great with BuildMaster! All of my projects are building wonderfully and are fully integrated into deployments. I’ve been sure to show BuildMaster to every developer I interact with :-)

-- Sean Harrington, Canyon Networks, Inc.

BuildMaster restored our confidence in the reliability and repeatability of the deployment process and virtually eliminated the risk in application change.

-- Michael Kalman, CIO

BuildMaster makes manual and all too often error prone deployments a thing of the past. The ability to leverage tools like PowerShell against the API or even in custom deployment tasks gives you an incredible amount of flexibility. Guaranteed to make your admins smile.

-- Mike, Aeon Logistics

Leaping Gorilla have transitioned successfully from Cruise Control to BuildMaster for all of our development projects. We find your commitment to quality and excellent support fit well with our own ethos and will continue suggesting to our clients that BuildMaster is the true way forward when it comes to release management.

-- Gary Heslop, Leaping Gorilla

BuildMaster made us re-think our notions of what proper deployment is, and in turn our releases are MUCH easier to manage, increasing our cycle greatly.

-- Austin Montoya
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