BuildMaster Downloads & Release Notes

We like to ship new versions of BuildMaster fairly often, both to fix bugs/annoyances and to introduce new functionality. However, just because there's a new version available, that doesn't mean you need to install it. Take a look at When should I update BuildMaster? to learn more.

To see what's coming next, take a look at our BuildMaster Roadmap.

BuildMaster 4.8 - Fully Supported


  • BM-1883 - FIX: ViewDebugLogs privilege not applied to build step correctly in certain cases, and it should also be more clear that logs are hidden when privilege is restricted
  • BM-1882 - FIX: Change Control pages display server errors in place of certain content sections
  • BM-1880 - Add "View Full Log" button to Execution Details page
  • BM-1879 - FIX: Build importer on triggered build may request invalid build number in some cases
  • BM-1878 - Improve error message when unable to increment build number
  • BM-1877 - FIX: Type conversion error in logs occurs when saving a post-build step on the workflows page
  • BM-1876 - Limit number of active releases on BuildMaster Overview page to 30 for performance reasons
  • BM-1874 - FIX: Unwrap aggregate exceptions on get SCM state
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1871 - Use a separate privilege to determine whether a user can view an action's details vs. modify them
  • BM-1872 - FIX: Plans_ViewGlobalPlans permission is not applied to the editor correctly when Plans_ManageGlobalPlans privilege is missing/restricted
  • BM-1870 - FIX: Manually configuring a new server does not populate the default port number for the self-hosted agent
  • BM-1868 - If directory information in deployment plans is truncated at 50 characters, show the full path in a mouseover tooltip
  • BM-1867 - FIX: Source control providers link is incorrect
  • BM-1866 - Add retries to action finalization
  • BM-1865 - FIX: Incorrect formatting for some simple HTML elements in field descriptions
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1864 - Allow application group groupings
  • BM-1776 - FIX: Sticky "cannot communicate with database" error message
  • BM-1806 - FIX: Update status on SSH agents after key changes
  • BM-1848 - Add "Crash on DB failure" option to the service
  • BM-1851 - Add ambient variables to script repository
  • BM-1860 - FIX: Long path support does not work with UNC network shares
  • BM-1861 - Add Copy Files action to copy files on one server
  • BM-1862 - Add "Purge Orphaned Artifacts" option to purge artifacts retention policy
  • BM-1863 - FIX: Possible HTTP 500 error when deleting the last action in an action group
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 4.7 - Limited Support


  • BM-1858 - FIX: Import Action Group via copy should display the name of the workflow associated with each plan instead of duplicating the environment name
  • BM-1857 - FIX: Import Action Group via copy link does not include build step deployment plans
  • BM-1856 - FIX: Setting a future execution without specifying a time will never execute the promotion
  • BM-1855 - FIX: Incorrect description of unzip file action on deployment plan overview
  • BM-1854 - FIX: Deployables assigned in Build Importer templates on the build step are not cascaded properly to the actual Build Importer itself
  • BM-1853 - FIX: SDK compatibility broken for Applications_EditApplication & Applications_GetApplications
  • BM-1852 - BuildMaster installation fails if installing with custom SQL Server with a database collation set to some value that is case-sensitive
  • BM-1850 - FIX: In Firefox, the proxy configuration test results in a "Error: [object XMLDocument]" message if the test succeeds
  • BM-1849 - FIX: Allow privilege modification for non-current directory provider
  • BM-1847 - Clarify behavior of "Convert Application Workflow"
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1844 - FIX: Deleting a deployment plan used by an active workflow, then promoting to that environment can invoke undefined behavior, instead of simply running a "do-nothing" execution
  • BM-1843 - FIX: Issue summary list on build page checks for Issues_CloseIssue instead of Issues_ViewIssue
  • BM-1842 - Add "Select Default" and "Select None" options to the release deployables selection
  • BM-1841 - Include the user who created the original build and the date/time it was originally created in the Deployment Execution Completed event listener
  • BM-1840 - FIX: Saving a release note and selecting an associated environment without a build should show a friendly error message
  • BM-1839 - Allows users to add favorite applications, which appear first in the navigation menu
  • BM-1838 - FIX: In certain circumstances, cloning a workflow will assign the copied deployment plans to the incorrect new workflow step
  • BM-1837 - Allow for "soft-delete" of applications to hide them from navigation menus but preserve historical data
  • BM-1836 - FIX: Canceling a release should not change the rejection date of rejected builds
  • BM-1835 - FIX: Duplicating an application with multiple releases fails with FOREIGN KEY error if there is also an application variable
  • BM-1834 - FIX: Default HTTP-based actions incorrectly interpret old "fail if response is not HTTP 200" setting when converting to response code error range
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1833 - FIX: Create Issue button on build page should default the "Opened in Build" option to the relevant build number
  • BM-1831 - Change HTTP POST and GET actions to allow the user to pick the HTTP verb for RESTful operations, and optionally save the response body in a variable
  • BM-1832 - Add $ExecutionStatus variable
  • BM-1830 - FIX: Recipe to change agent type fails with update error
  • BM-1829 - FIX: Privileges that are denied to an application group and environment are incorrectly applied to other applications that are not in the group
  • BM-1810 - Add a tag-textbox variable that resolves to a CSV list of selected values
  • BM-1820 - Add $ConfigurationFileVersion and $ConfigurationFileText variables
  • BM-1824 - Additionally copy application and deployable variables when duplicating an application
  • BM-1828 - FIX: Purge Build fails with an "Invalid object name" error message
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1826 - FIX: "Sequence contains no elements" no error on delete action group page with invalid ID
  • BM-1825 - FIX: Ensure that any change to privileges, roles, users, or groups results in the cache being cleared, and add a button to manually clear it
  • BM-1823 - FIX: Build steps assigned to global deployments plans displays a "given key was not present in the dictionary" error
  • BM-1822 - FIX: Build Importers do not respect the workflow step's Build Importer Template's extension configuration when more than one profile exists for an extension
  • BM-1801 - Add server-specific option to not log agent updater errors
  • BM-1821 - FIX: Logic that determines whether to demand privileges for "ManagePlans" and "ManageGlobalPlans" is incorrect when editing an action group
  • BM-1819 - FIX: Set timeout to 15 minutes for RetentionPolicies_GetBuildsWithLogsToPurge() in Purge Logs retention policy
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1708 - FIX: Environment names are hidden when they overflow on the builds-per-environment timeline
  • BM-1816 - Improve post-release behaviors on Workflow page and only display them if they are active
  • BM-1817 - New application picker - improve performance, allow searching for applications/groups
  • BM-1809 - FIX: Ensure command line arguments are not logged during service installation
  • BM-1791 - FIX: Selecting a deployable when uploading a change script should be marked as a required field
  • BM-1763 - Option to not hide deployables if only a single
  • BM-1797 - A deployment plan that is shared should be indicated with a shared icon (similar to the globe icon) in the deployment plan tabs
  • BM-1813 - Clarify shared/copied deployment plans between workflows and distinguish build from deployment plans
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1815 - FIX: Possible race condition with installer may cause CLR20r3 error on launch
  • BM-1758 - FIX: Many variables makes it hard to determine which scope the variable is in because of vertical-middle alignment
  • BM-1709 - Do not allow disassociating a workflow that is still in use by an active release
  • BM-1727 - Improve documentation for $CurrentDirectory
  • BM-1743 - FIX: Duplicating an application which has a build step that was cloned from the same application can issue a foreign key constraint error
  • BM-1772 - Lighten text of versions with unmodified instances in compare config file version dropdown
  • BM-1788 - Better handling for orphaned service on BuildMaster installs
  • BM-1789 - FIX: Broken workflow link on the Release History page
  • BM-1793 - FIX: Event listeners assigned to a workflow/build step that are inactive are difficult to see on the overview page
  • BM-1794 - FIX: Duplicating an application with event listeners in each workflow steps can fail with a constraint error
  • BM-1796 - Better handling for null variable values in Execute Command Line Action
  • BM-1799 - FIX: Configuration file "Set Version" button on the Release Overview page validates privileges at the system level instead of at the application level
  • BM-1800 - Add option to set Windows service name for silent agent install
  • BM-1802 - FIX: Create Build Artifact action does not work for paths longer than 248 characters
  • BM-1805 - FIX: BuildMaster SDK compatibility issue for extensions that rely on ConfigurationFileDeployer
  • BM-1808 - FIX: Refresh servers page after saving a server group
  • BM-1814 - FIX: Transfer Files action does not work for paths longer than 248 characters when source and target are the same server
  • BM-1812 - Create Artifact Action on the SSH Agent should maintain symbolic links in a zip archive instead of reifying them
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 4.6 - Limited Support


  • BM-1787 - TR__ActionGroupActions__ValidateSequence trigger should not fire on updates
  • BM-1786 - Agent updater should only consider .bmx files as extensions
  • BM-1785 - FIX: Deleting a role can result in an HTTP 500 error
  • BM-1784 - FIX: Service status page sometimes does not load if the service is not running
  • BM-1783 - FIX: Config file pages are inaccessible to users that have had one or more instance restricted by privileges
  • BM-1782 - Add JSEncode variable function for Javascript string encoding
  • BM-1779 - FIX: Upload Artifact administrative edit does not allow deployable to be specified
  • BM-1778 - FIX: Web<->service connection can get in a broken state requiring service restart
  • BM-1777 - FIX: Create Release action editor does not save specified variable values
  • BM-1730 - Improve HTTP Post action
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1775 - FIX: Day/Time pre-deployment approval checklist option should not default to "none" for the days of the week field
  • BM-1774 - FIX: Event listeners are sent multiple times when assigned directly to a Post-Build step
  • BM-1771 - FIX: Not entering a role or task in the assign privileges page will result in a IndexOutOfRangeException instead of displaying the field as required
  • BM-1770 - FIX: Display comments in Build Approvals gadget for historical builds in addition to requirement description and time approved
  • BM-1769 - FIX: Permissions are incorrectly applied when there are restrictions to specific tasks only
  • BM-1768 - FIX: Releases_CreateReleaseNumber fails with high but still valid release numbers
  • BM-1767 - FIX: Change Controls approval does not filter environments correctly
  • BM-1765 - Allow Configuration Files to be manually deployed to server groups instead of just servers
  • BM-1762 - Ace Code Editor plugins should be upgraded to support syntax highlighting/coloring for SQL, XML, Bash, VBScript and PowerShell
  • BM-1729 - FIX: Exporting deployment plans should default to the application & environment's name when exported from within the context of an application, and should use the deployment plan name if it's global
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1761 - API: Add Releases_GetNextReleaseNumber method that returns the expected next logical release number based on the release numbering scheme
  • BM-1760 - Allow release name to be specified in the "Create New Release" action
  • BM-1757 - FIX: Trim server names of spaces on save to prevent possible issues with variable servers in the future
  • BM-1756 - FIX: Create Release should be hidden if "Allow multiple active releases" is unchecked for the application
  • BM-1755 - Do not remove the green plus icon to add variables at specific scopes so that more than one can be created without having to visit the Variables pag
  • BM-1753 - FIX: Re-execute promotion link on Execution Details page opens a modal that is not sized correctly, and it should also be combined with the re-execute page
  • BM-1752 - FIX: Cannot purge release when there are configuration file deployments associated directly with that release
  • BM-1751 - Infobox wording that is shown when there is only a single workflow step does not take into account the build step, and may be confusing
  • BM-1750 - FIX: Server name variables should have spaces trimmed when saved
  • BM-1749 - FIX: Deployable selection when downloading a change script deployment tool from the web application does not generate a change script deployment tool based on that selection
  • BM-1748 - FIX: Set Variable Value action should be an agent-based action
  • BM-1747 - Add support for CTRL+F search in config file editor
  • BM-1746 - FIX: Post-Build Auto-Deploy Step Deletes upon Workflow Property Save
  • BM-1745 - Clarify "Service is OK" message when there is a "cannot connect to database error" directly above it
  • BM-1744 - FIX: Clicking in code editors is kind of funky in IE
  • BM-1742 - FIX: Importing deployment plan from XML ignores actions in action groups that are Shared with other action groups in the system
  • BM-1741 - FIX: Duplicating an application and selecting "Link only action groups" does not link correctly with the source application
  • BM-1738 - FIX: The Create Release page should show an error when attempting to create a release with the same number as one that already exists instead of silently closing the modal
  • BM-1737 - FIX: Selecting "Create new..." in the release dropdown on the Create Build page should stay within the modal page instead of changing the target=parent's window
  • BM-1736 - FIX: Attempting to clone an application with configuration files may fail with "TransformType_Code"-related error message
  • BM-1734 - FIX: Width of Add Script dialog does not scale to a readable size correctly
  • BM-1733 - Allow Server List Variable to be filtered by environments
  • BM-1732 - FIX: Create Release Number should warn about 11+ chararacter release numbers
  • BM-1731 - For custom Create New Application wizards on the New Application page, show the custom extension icon if there is one in place of the default grey question mark
  • BM-1728 - Add alternative suggestion when executing a .lnk or .bat file directly fails with "The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform" message
  • BM-1726 - On Create Release page, default the value of the next release to the same value as what "auto-increment" on the workflow would set it to
  • BM-1725 - Link to the Script Repository from the Execute Shell Script and Execute PowerShell Script actions for better visibility
  • BM-1724 - Display list of deployables that are included with the release in the Execution Completed event listener
  • BM-1714 - License can display as invalid if an approval-only user was created and licensed with a previous key that allowed approval-only users, but the newer key does not
  • BM-1711 - Improve rules for active license key selection
  • BM-1710 - Make anonymous deployment plans hidden by default on manage deployment plans page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1723 - Improve configuration file selection during automated deployment such that it attempts to match by deployable, name, then path; but only if configuration file names match
  • BM-1707 - Add link to show inactive configuration file instances, and make it easier to restore them
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1722 - FIX: Configuration files should search other deployable's configuration files by name if one is not found by the same name for an action group's current deployable
  • BM-1721 - FIX: Configuration files with multiple templates do not preview correctly when deploying them manually
  • BM-1720 - Administrative Edits
  • BM-1719 - Add Retention Policies
  • BM-1718 - Expand variables in values of key/value pair config file templates
  • BM-1717 - Display the configuration file alias instead of instance name on the Release Overview page
  • BM-1715 - FIX: Search/replace in files action should allow empty text as replacement text in the action editor
  • BM-1712 - FIX: Ignore deploy artifact or unzip file errors that are the result of an invalid zip file with a root entry of "/"
  • BM-1706 - FIX: Drag/drop action groups for deployment plans may not refresh UI correctly
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 4.5 - Limited Support


  • BM-1705 - FIX: Importing deployment plan loses the parallel flag for deployment plan action groups
  • BM-1704 - Redirect back to create build page if editing release deployables from the manage deployables link on the create build page
  • BM-1703 - FIX: Cannot recreate a previously deleted config file instance
  • BM-1702 - FIX: Database change script filter does not reset after closing the edit window and instead loads all change scripts, which can slow page load time
  • BM-1701 - FIX: Event listeners with no editable fields or custom editors will be duplicated if added only once
  • BM-1700 - Allow database change scripts to also be entered directly as text instead of requiring a file upload
  • BM-1699 - Improved action group copying logic
  • BM-1698 - FIX: Duplicating an application should also duplicate the "Allow Local Changes" flags for workflows and deployment plans
  • BM-1697 - Administrators can now require a user to change passwords on next login
  • BM-1696 - FIX: Rejecting builds with multiple releases may cause other release's builds to be rejected if they are in the same environment and there are no other builds for that release
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1695 - FIX: Deploy all config files action fails if there are files without a matching instance name
  • BM-1694 - Add contingent promotion predicate
  • BM-1693 - Allow build number scheme to be changed after application is created
  • BM-1692 - Add ability to restore an inactive application workflow
  • BM-1691 - FIX: Execution Completed event listener email should not include promotion data when not applicable
  • BM-1690 - FIX: Expand all and collapse all links on deployment plan editors sometimes do not work correctly
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1689 - Clarify approval steps required in Approval Required email
  • BM-1688 - FIX: Create new build editor radio buttons do not act like normal radio buttons
  • BM-1687 - FIX: Allow deletion of application groups that are assigned to event listener filters
  • BM-1686 - Improve description for Deployment Execution Completed event listener to include the user and whether logs are attached
  • BM-1685 - FIX: Attempting to create a release of an application that doesn't have any workflows and/or deployables should issue a warning
  • BM-1684 - FIX: controlId error that appears on the Schedule Promotion page
  • BM-1683 - Persist action group collapse state in a cookie for deployment plan editors
  • BM-1681 - FIX: Cannot delete an individual file with a very long path
  • BM-1680 - Improve usability of purge application page
  • BM-1663 - Add setting to disallow changes to a global deployment plan from an application
  • BM-1662 - Add workflow setting to disallow changes to a global workflow from an application
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1679 - FIX: Installer database backup always used database named "BuildMaster"
  • BM-1678 - FIX: Constraint error when deleting deployable with configuration files associated with a release
  • BM-1677 - FIX: Even though it is not clickable, the Create Release button should not appear if the user doesn't have privileges to create a release
  • BM-1676 - Approval Required event listener options should be more clear with regard to who receives the emails
  • BM-1675 - FIX: Event listeners can be duplicated for workflows even if they are not shared
  • BM-1674 - FIX: All Applications page can show links to inaccessible applications
  • BM-1673 - FIX: Escaped quotes are not always properly parsed when posting data to the JSON API
  • BM-1672 - Allow manual agent updates and restarts to be forced from the UI
  • BM-1667 - Add Export Configuration File action that does not record deployments and allows templates to be written out to a server
  • BM-1666 - Log when an action group is skipped due to a deployable not being included
  • BM-1665 - Add option to send as HTML in email action
  • BM-1656 - FIX: Approvals for out-of-order promotions cannot be supplied using the promotion checklist
  • BM-1655 - FIX: Release timeline create build link does not link to import build page when necessary
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1671 - API: JSON API content type should only be application/json when the result is successful, and text/plain when a 400 or 500 error is returned
  • BM-1670 - Installer should retry staging Service directory in case of expected file locks
  • BM-1669 - Add an alert warning to restart the BuildMaster service if more than half of the servers are in an error state
  • BM-1668 - FIX: Link to create release page on Application Health page broken when an Empty application is created
  • BM-1664 - Improve Execution Status Predicate by clarifying wording and also allowing action group execution based on build execution warnings instead of just success and failure
  • BM-1660 - FIX: Possible execution deadlock with small deployment plans when there are contingent promotions (SQL Server 2014)
  • BM-1659 - Use 245 instead of 250 for MAX_PATH trigger check
  • BM-1658 - FIX: Update extension page just stays spinning on Downloading forever
  • BM-1638 - Approvals received for historical builds should be displayed in the Approval Checklist section
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1654 - Extension configurer defaults should be applied per-property
  • BM-1653 - FIX: Default configuration profile should not be required
  • BM-1652 - Allow external builds to be imported through the recurring and URL-triggered automatic builds interface
  • BM-1651 - AD browser in installer should sort results
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1650 - FIX: Triggered build URLs may not authenticate correctly when using the Integrated Web Server
  • BM-1649 - FIX: Failed handshakes for TCP agents can result in sticky Error status
  • BM-1648 - FIX: PowerShell CheckBox script library parameters are always initially unchecked in action editor
  • BM-1625 - Allow non-alpha in build number entry
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1647 - FIX: Approval required event listener does not validate against the correct environment when used a post-deployment step
  • BM-1646 - FIX: Using a PathCombine function in the target of a Synchronize Files action can fail the execution
  • BM-1645 - Allow release scheme to be changed after an application has been created
  • BM-1644 - Installer should make sure app pool is shut down before an upgrade if using IIS
  • BM-1643 - Improve usability of Schedule Execution page
  • BM-1642 - FIX: Auto-promote can erroneosly occur to first environment after a build step
  • BM-1630 - Default focus to first input field in modal dialogs
  • BM-1629 - Allow variable values to be blank
  • BM-1628 - New releases should be auto sorted based on release number scheme
  • BM-1627 - Installer should grant sufficient privileges to web application account to monitor service status
  • BM-1624 - Clarify "No permission to communicate with service" resolution
  • BM-1621 - FIX: A large number of variables in the variable editor contained on a modal page can cause the Save and Cancel buttons to align improperly
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 4.4 - Limited Support


  • BM-1641 - FIX: File system build importer can timeout if drop location is not specified
  • BM-1640 - FIX: Cannot reexecute build step execution
  • BM-1639 - FIX: Occasional SQL deadlock during short executions
  • BM-1637 - FIX: Change Agent Type recipe has incorrect redirect URL
  • BM-1636 - FIX: Given key not present error for build approval received notifier
  • BM-1635 - Add option when creating a deployable to "add to all active releases"
  • BM-1634 - FIX: Deployable is not copied when an action is copied using the "copy to" dialog box
  • BM-1633 - Improve description of IntegratedAuthenticationEnabled configuration setting
  • BM-1632 - FIX: Importing deployment plan from XML with an extension configurer does not validate correctly
  • BM-1631 - FIX: Editing an event listener will pre-populate the application group field with group that has an ID equivalent to a selected application
  • BM-1616 - FIX: Event listeners do not filter by environments under certain circumstances
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1626 - Warn if no files renamed in Rename Files Action
  • BM-1623 - FIX: Transfer files action validates invalid path characters in paths even when there are variable functions present
  • BM-1622 - FIX: Reexecute from last failed skipping actions in subsequent deployable iterations
  • BM-1620 - FIX: Action groups assigned to dynamic variable servers do not pre-populate on the edit page
  • BM-1619 - Increase maximum length of workflow names to 50 characters
  • BM-1618 - FIX: Force promotion button should not appear to the user if they do not have Force privileges
  • BM-1617 - FIX: Cannot delete servers when software reverts from an Enterprise to a Free license
  • BM-1615 - FIX: Page title and heading on execution in progress page displays the underlying release number instead of name coalesced with the number
  • BM-1614 - FIX: Execute Client Command action editor
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1613 - FIX: Deleting a deployment plan that is in use results in an FK error
  • BM-1612 - FIX: Deleting a workflow that is assigned to a filter in an Automatic Build will fail
  • BM-1611 - FIX: More than 1 application group variable entry should be allowed
  • BM-1610 - $Date variable function should accept a valid .NET DateTime format string as an argument
  • BM-1609 - Performance optimization for promotion completion
  • BM-1608 - API: Applications_GetApplication should not generate a database error if the supplied application ID does not exist
  • BM-1607 - Deployment plan overview page should order by name instead of DB ordering
  • BM-1606 - FIX: Application group variables not resolved correctly in executions when there are multiple application groups
  • BM-1605 - Improve TCP agent connection error reporting by including the WIN32 socket error code
  • BM-1604 - FIX: Execution completed event listener "send on failure only" option is not honored correctly
  • BM-1603 - Display current BuildMaster version number in Live Help sidebar
  • BM-1602 - FIX: Using "copy to" for an action group into another application will assign an incorrect deployable
  • BM-1600 - FIX: Error displaying error message for invalid custom editors
  • BM-1599 - FIX: Deployment plan page button link on Application Health page after creating an Empty application points to the wrong page
  • BM-1598 - FIX: Import deployment plan page results in "Nullable object must have value" error message
  • BM-1597 - Show a severe error alert bar message if the BuildMaster service cannot open or connect to the BuildMaster database
  • BM-1596 - FIX: Cloning a workflow copies approvals in that application instead of into the new one
  • BM-1595 - FIX: Add workflow tab doesn't work in Firefox v31-32
  • BM-1594 - FIX: Deploy All Configuration Files action has incorrect validation when used in a global deployment plan
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1593 - Increase visibility of builds marked as deployed on the build overview page when part of a workflow that doesn't automatically deploy builds
  • BM-1592 - FIX: Deploy artifact action may use wrong temp directory with agents hosted by underprivileged user accounts
  • BM-1591 - FIX: Button to deploy build for workflows without automatic release build in final environment is hidden when it should not be
  • BM-1590 - FIX: Execution variables should be allowed to be assigned to Build Step
  • BM-1589 - When deleting a global deployment plan, redirect back to Global Deployment Plan Overview page instead of the Admin page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1588 - FIX: View execution details link in the header bar should not appear if the user does not have privileges to view the execution in its environment
  • BM-1587 - FIX: Display any server variable resolution failures on the Live Details page
  • BM-1586 - Allow Deploy Configuration File action to specify a different name to be used on deployment
  • BM-1585 - FIX: Attempting to add a Deploy Configuration File action will produce a meaningless warning when editing an action group in a deployment plan shared with another environment in the same application
  • BM-1584 - FIX: Import Build menu option results in an error message when multiple workflows are assigned to active releases with different build import configurations
  • BM-1583 - Improve visibility of rejected build status on the Build Overview page
  • BM-1582 - FIX: Show Status of Execution on Build Timeline
  • BM-1581 - FIX: Approval required event listener does not work for certain applications
  • BM-1580 - FIX: Automatic promotion requirements are not always evaluated when they should be
  • BM-1579 - FIX: %Agent_Url% is not replaced in server status notification emails
  • BM-1578 - FIX: Execution completed email event listener does not work if no user name is specified
  • BM-1576 - FIX: Deploying artifacts for the same deployable on the same server in parallel may fail
  • BM-1575 - FIX: Releases_PurgeReleaseData API method does not work
  • BM-1574 - FIX: Deploy config file action should not list inactive config files
  • BM-1571 - Create New Release action should allow variable application names in addition to the dropdown with specific applications
  • BM-1567 - FIX: Workflow links on Global Deployment Plans page do not link to the correct page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1573 - FIX: Source control picker does not show the window used to select a source control path on the SCM-triggered build page
  • BM-1572 - FIX: Action groups without a name cannot be expanded on the Execution Details page
  • BM-1570 - FIX: Re-executing a promotion may result in a null variable name or value
  • BM-1569 - FIX: Clicking on Builds button on navigation bar has odd behavior when there are no active builds
  • BM-1568 - FIX: Build importer errors do not always fail the execution
  • BM-1566 - Inactive workflows should be a separate section on the global workflows page
  • BM-1565 - FIX: Re-execute from last failed action does not always import last execution's variable values
  • BM-1564 - FIX: Re-execute from last failed action does not work if deployment plan uses no servers
  • BM-1563 - FIX: Scheduled promotion executer is only triggered if an auto-promotion execution completes
  • BM-1548 - FIX: Change control environment ordering does not honor workflow ordering
  • BM-1502 - FIX: Extension configurers can't be deleted if they are used somewhere in a deployment plan
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1562 - Fixed beta issues
  • BM-1500 - Allow notifiers to be filtered by application group
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1559 - Allow promotion to automatically occur if all approvals/requirements are met
  • BM-1558 - Allow promotions to be scheduled
  • BM-1557 - Add support for build importers for CI tools
  • BM-1556 - Add optional Build pseudo-environment to workflows
  • BM-1555 - Improved workflow editor
  • BM-1554 - Allow workflows to be reusable
  • BM-1158 - Add application/environment-specific triggers
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 4.3 - Limited Support


  • BM-1552 - FIX: Executer does not fail execution if exception is caught during action deserialization
  • BM-1551 - FIX: ArgumentOutOfRangeException possible from DirectoryHilite.ShortenPath
  • BM-1550 - FIX: Renaming a deployable does not propagate to deployment plan action groups
  • BM-1549 - FIX: ManageConfigurationFiles privilege should not be required on the configuration file overview page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1546 - FIX: Server variable replacements are not made when deploying configuration files
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1545 - FIX: If sharing, only full deployment plans can be shared when duplicating an application
  • BM-1544 - FIX: Importing deployment plans should include parallelism
  • BM-1543 - FIX: Duplicating an application should not require individual table ownership in the BuildMaster database
  • BM-1541 - FIX: When importing a deployment plan, invalid arguments are passed to the page that performs the import
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1539 - FIX: Promotions with no deployment plan can cause execution to hang for some applications
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1538 - FIX: Link to Upgrade Notes on the "Updates Available" page points to a broken link
  • BM-1537 - FIX: Checking if a manual action has completed yields a DB transaction error
  • BM-1536 - FIX: Empty string literal arguments to variable functions do not work
  • BM-1535 - FIX: Concatenate files action should note that the output file field is required
  • BM-1534 - Improve UI for promotions scheduled in the future
  • BM-1533 - FIX: Canceling an execution while it is in a pending state can prevent later executions for that application from running until the service is restarted
  • BM-1532 - NotifierExecuter should run immediately after important events
  • BM-1531 - FIX: Applications with shared action groups in the same deployment plan will not clone correctly
  • BM-1530 - Improve UI for workflow predicate
  • BM-1529 - FIX: Autocomplete textboxes with placeholder text show autocomplete window on page load in IE 10+
  • BM-1528 - FIX: For some failed executions, clicking on "View Details" button brings the user back to the Execution in Progress page instead of the actual Execution Details page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1527 - FIX: Purging applications with shared whole deployment plans results in a FK Constraint error
  • BM-1526 - FIX: Cannot import action group in empty application unless 1 or more action groups exist
  • BM-1525 - FIX: Cloning applications fails unless done via the API
  • BM-1524 - FIX: Issues with very large action logs on execution details page
  • BM-1523 - FIX: Restore equivalent to BuildExecutionPlanAction_GetVariableValues API method
  • BM-1521 - FIX: Copy To... under Edit Button should be a Modal
  • BM-1520 - FIX: Cannot copy to adjacent action or last action using CTRL-drag in the deployment plan editor
  • BM-1519 - FIX: Cancel button on Add New Action Modal does not close window
  • BM-1518 - FIX: Release names with spaces will collapse white space into null too greedily
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1517 - FIX: Action server not updated in UI after editing an action
  • BM-1516 - FIX: Workflow predicate cannot be edited
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1515 - FIX: Execution-level logs should be displayed on execution details page
  • BM-1514 - FIX: Commonly used action links on action search page always acting like the extension is not installed
  • BM-1513 - FIX: Links that are not enabled should be grayed out on the Admin page
  • BM-1512 - FIX: Recent errors has incorrect order
  • BM-1510 - FIX: Artifact browser duplicates folders
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1509 - FIX: Uninstalled actions do not redirect to Install Extension page
  • BM-1508 - FIX: Global deployment plans list page takes a long time to load
  • BM-1507 - FIX: Clone Application
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1506 - Add UI for new execution options to deployment plan editor
  • BM-1505 - Add failure, success handling options to action group level
  • BM-1504 - Allow build number to be specified when creating a build and through triggered builds with "buildNumber" argument in query string
  • BM-1503 - New Artifact Overview page
  • BM-1428 - FIX: Do not attempt to initialize or deploy to servers in a server group that are not active
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1499 - Redesign Execution Details Page
  • BM-1498 - Share Entire Deployment Plans Across Applications
  • BM-1497 - Allow Deployment Plans to Execute as Action
  • BM-1496 - Add Global/Reusable Deployment Plans
  • BM-1495 - Allow Action Groups to Execute in Parallel
  • BM-1494 - Allow Action Groups to Iterate over Servers, Deployables
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 4.2 - Limited Support


  • BM-1492 - Include Scope Name on System Variables Listing
  • BM-1491 - FIX: Configuration Profile Selection on Certain Actions
  • BM-1490 - FIX: Concatenate files action does not auto-detect encoding correctly
  • BM-1489 - Make Admin Link Visible for Any Admin Task
  • BM-1488 - Make it easier to search for and assign server names to server groups or environments
  • BM-1487 - FIX: "All" links on Execution Details page display a blank page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1486 - FIX: Possible deadlock when executing multiple remote commands against the same server at the same time
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1483 - FIX: Setting a release or promotion-level variable from the Set Variable Value action will create a new execution variable instead of actually mutating the value of the existing variable
  • BM-1482 - FIX: Give more space on All Release's page filter bar for the manage sequence checkbox
  • BM-1481 - FIX: Environment-server selection should freely allow any server to be a part of an environment instead of forcing local agents to be included
  • BM-1480 - FIX: Server group link on the Environment Overview page assumes the item is a server instead of a server group
  • BM-1479 - Add filter for failed cases only the Unit Test Results page
  • BM-1478 - Add filter for Execution Status on the Deployment History page
  • BM-1477 - FIX: Creating the same tutorial application results in a duplicate provider error
  • BM-1476 - FIX: Unit Test History page should be updated to use new filter
  • BM-1475 - FIX: [tests] link on the Execution Details page redirects to the legacy test results page instead of the newest one
  • BM-1474 - FIX: [complete log] Link
  • BM-1473 - FIX: Variable servers with bracket syntax are not escaped properly
  • BM-1472 - FIX: Actions that send emails should assign the action's timeout setting to the SMTP client
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1471 - FIX: Configuration file secured task validation error
  • BM-1470 - FIX: Reexecuting a failed reexecution in the final environment causes a constraint error
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1469 - FIX: TCP agent sometimes fails to restart after an update on Windows Server 2003
  • BM-1468 - Extension configuration profile property summary should not display encrypted values
  • BM-1467 - FIX: Text box validation error appears at the top of modal pages instead of next to the offending text box
  • BM-1466 - FIX: Server details page does not have a title
  • BM-1465 - FIX: Unknown escaped variables are sometimes replaced with unescaped variables
  • BM-1464 - FIX: NullReferenceException when creating or editing an action where there is a server that the current user does not have access to
  • BM-1463 - Add $Increment and $Decrement functions
  • BM-1462 - FIX: $ExecutionUser function returns execution ID instead of user name
  • BM-1461 - FIX: Upgrade checklist link remains visible even if everything has been marked complete
  • BM-1460 - FIX: Connection error when displaying very large change script histories
  • BM-1459 - FIX: Copying action groups to a new environment in the same application can cause odd behavior
  • BM-1458 - FIX: Connection error on database connection page for some database providers proxied to SOAP agents
  • BM-1457 - Function names should be minimally escaped on action help page
  • BM-1456 - FIX: Variable Predicate should allow function names
  • BM-1455 - FIX: Predicates sometimes listed twice on deployment plans
  • BM-1454 - Do not allow invalid characters when creating variables
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1453 - FIX: Execution-time variables are not getting replaced in Deploy Configuration File actions even if the box is checked
  • BM-1452 - FIX: Cannot find instance name error when saving a Deploy Configuration File action
  • BM-1451 - FIX: Duplicate instance names may appear in DeployConfigFileAction instance name dropdown
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1450 - Make custom ProviderBasedActions compatible with pre-4.2 extensions
  • BM-1449 - FIX: Reexecution doesn't include sensitive variables
  • BM-1448 - FIX: Incorrect error displayed when testing a database provider
  • BM-1447 - FIX: Replace Text action should truncate description for long replacements
  • BM-1446 - FIX: Long action descriptions cause truncation issues
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1445 - FIX: Delete button on change controls overview page should be right-aligned
  • BM-1444 - Display source application for imported deployables in deployment plans
  • BM-1443 - Add PathCombine variable function
  • BM-1442 - Allow service to start without database access
  • BM-1441 - FIX: Create Release page restricts permission even for users with Releases_ManageRelease for a specific application
  • BM-1439 - Small UI style tweaks on some admin pages
  • BM-1438 - FIX: Broken links on some admin pages
  • BM-1437 - Improve UI on create/edit built in users & groups pages
  • BM-1436 - FIX: Deploy Config File action description doesn't highlight target directory
  • BM-1435 - FIX: Variables not getting replaced in source or target directory properties
  • BM-1400 - FIX: bmservice.exe should return nonzero exit code if service installation fails
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1434 - Improved dropdown for provider-based actions
  • BM-1433 - Improve performance for editing large deployment plans
  • BM-1432 - Automatic BuildMaster registration in agent installer
  • BM-1431 - Automatic Windows agent type detection for new servers
  • BM-1430 - New $variable syntax for applications
  • BM-1429 - Add Create New Release action
  • BM-1421 - Add classes for providing a more detailed action description
  • BM-1420 - Improve support for cancellation of remote commands
  • BM-1419 - FIX: Unit Test Results page does not convert test start and end times to UTC correctly
  • BM-1417 - FIX: System Overview Active Releases gadget displays incorrect build number for environment (uses what appears to be furthest bld #, but correct exec time)
  • BM-1416 - Increased robustness for provider proxies
  • BM-1415 - FIX: Copying or linking an action group when there is only a single deployable in an application will incorrectly associate the new group with "all deployables"
  • BM-1414 - Imported deployment plans should retain linked groups
  • BM-1412 - Describe what is copied on clone application page
  • BM-1410 - FIX: Import/Export deployment plan button is displayed even without privileges to use it
  • BM-1409 - FIX: Automatic activation of existing license key on new install does not work
  • BM-1408 - For selection of deployable when adding a change script if application has multiple deployables
  • BM-1406 - FIX: Application navigation bar should not appear on all applications page
  • BM-1405 - FIX: Actions that succeed after a number of retries can still mark an execution as failed
  • BM-1404 - Workflow details and policies should be ordered the same on the edit page as they are on the overview page
  • BM-1403 - FIX: Hidden items in application navigation menu will duplicate borders even if the menu options are missing
  • BM-1402 - FIX: Edit built in user page always selects all groups
  • BM-1401 - INSTALLER: Allow period character in the database name from a manually-entered connection string
  • BM-1399 - Automatically create working directory for execute command line action if necessary
  • BM-1396 - Show environment heading on application overview page
  • BM-1395 - Change action server picker to server selector used in transfer files action
  • BM-1392 - Re-align "Update All Extensions" button
  • BM-1386 - FIX: Move add action hover menu up by one pixel
  • BM-1351 - Add link to LDAP documentation on LDAP config page
  • BM-1211 - Inheritable servers for actions and action groups
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 4.1 - Limited Support


  • BM-1427 - FIX: Incorrect privilege validation for servers, specifically the View_Server task
  • BM-1426 - FIX: SSH Agent compatibility with IBM AIX servers
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1424 - FIX: Application picker can display blank application names when the application is part of a group
  • BM-1418 - FIX: Privileges for Deployment Plans, Database Connections
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1398 - FIX: TCP agents do not accept commands while executing a process
  • BM-1397 - FIX: Variables should not be displayed to users in the action log unless ViewDebugLogs privilege is granted
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1394 - FIX: Builds_ViewExecutionDetails should be scopeable by application
  • BM-1390 - FIX: Create variable page throws a SecurityException when privilege is scoped by application
  • BM-1389 - FIX: Promotion Requirement status should only be checked asychronously on the build overview page
  • BM-1387 - FIX: Release Notes Gadget does not use partial render for adding release notes
  • BM-1385 - FIX: Modified date on Plans table is not updated when actions are edited
  • BM-1382 - FIX: On the Change Scripts table, Ajax rendering does not update after save
  • BM-1381 - Allow users to specify an alternate connection string for upgrades
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1380 - Hide passwords from clients when UseDpApiForPasswords is enabled
  • BM-1379 - FIX: Compare Directories report has broken links when files with differences have a space in the name
  • BM-1378 - FIX: Edit variables page privileges should be scoped to application when appropriate
  • BM-1376 - Transfer Files action editor should show (default) as default path
  • BM-1375 - FIX: Deployment plans should indicate target server for Transfer Files actions
  • BM-1374 - FIX: Cloning an application with a scoped promotion variable results in a check constraint error
  • BM-1373 - FIX: Deploy All Config Files action displays duplicate instance names in dropdown
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1372 - FIX: Deploy release button does not appear with one environment in a loose workflow
  • BM-1371 - Allow release resequencing regardless of release count selected
  • BM-1369 - FIX: Clone application does not propagate configurer profile or transfer files targets for unlinked action groups
  • BM-1368 - Application picker should display application groups on clone application page
  • BM-1367 - FIX: Release deployables dropdowns should have release name instead of release number
  • BM-1366 - FIX: Execute script base action should combine script file path with source directory
  • BM-1365 - Allow null Environment_Id for build artifacts
  • BM-1364 - FIX: ModalHeight on action editor page should not be greater than viewport size
  • BM-1363 - Providers_GetProvider should not throw an error if the provider was not found
  • BM-1361 - FIX: Create and close release triggers should not log an error just because an application does not have an associated issue tracker
  • BM-1360 - FIX: Imported deployable release dropdown should not include canceled releases
  • BM-1359 - FIX: Add download link on updates page and fix styling
  • BM-1358 - FIX: Possible TypeInitializationException with invalid activation code
  • BM-1356 - FIX: Installer crashes trying to update IIS settings on Windows Server 2012
  • BM-1352 - FIX: Transfer Files action does not allow variable servers
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1355 - FIX: Link to server group details page is broken
  • BM-1354 - FIX: Variables not being replaced in PowerShell scripts that are embedded in actions
  • BM-1353 - FIX: Create File action should not write byte order marker by default
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1350 - Update Environments page to include breadcrumb and show servers as blocks instead of table layout
  • BM-1349 - FIX: Application group scoped privileges
  • BM-1348 - Add output parameters to JSON API return methods
  • BM-1347 - Add detailed error message to server page
  • BM-1346 - Variable Predicate improvements
  • BM-1345 - Exported plans do not contain deployables for action groups
  • BM-1344 - FIX: Set Variable Value from File does not override higher-scoped variables
  • BM-1343 - FIX: TargetInvocationException is not unwrapped when testing providers on remote servers
  • BM-1342 - Add MAJORVER, MINORVER, and REVISIONVER variable values
  • BM-1341 - FIX: After purging an application, the redirect to admin page fails in certain browsers with an "Application does not exist" message
  • BM-1340 - FIX: Purge Artifacts trigger can fail if configured to delete immediately upon build rejection
  • BM-1339 - Change FormsAuth cookie name to BMXAUTH to prevent conflicts with ProGet
  • BM-1337 - Connections to remote resources should be proxied through the service if possible
  • BM-1336 - Built-in script library
  • BM-1335 - Remove upgrade links from within the Express edition and replace with minimizable mentions of Enterprise edition
  • BM-1334 - Allow HTML in issue tracker descriptions
  • BM-1332 - Allow Execution variables to be entered on the Create Build page
  • BM-1325 - FIX: Display error for promotion requirements that cannot be loaded because of configuration errors
  • BM-1308 - SDK: Add ability to use a custom icon URL in a custom extension
  • BM-1306 - Add create new issue button to release page for supported issue trackers
  • BM-1298 - Unit Test reporting improvements
  • BM-1295 - Add "output to file" option to execute client command
  • BM-1199 - Add UseDpApiForPasswords configuration option
  • BM-1168 - Limited-User Licenses Clarification
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 4.0 - Limited Support


  • BM-1330 - Do not assign default release name when editing a release
  • BM-1329 - FIX: Log Errors as Warnings stills logs as an error for legacy actions
  • BM-1328 - Allow deployable to be selected when generating changescripter
  • BM-1327 - FIX: Execution Status predicate should not fail with warnings
  • BM-1326 - Add option to not log warning when there are no scripts to execute
  • BM-1324 - FIX: DATE,DATE2 variables are always in UTC now and always refer to the execution start date instead of the current date
  • BM-1323 - Show loaded extension components on extension details page
  • BM-1322 - FIX: Providers should be in alphabetical order and not allow duplicate names
  • BM-1321 - FIX: Change Server Type recipe should skip agents that can't be deserialized
  • BM-1320 - FIX: Use release name as alias on included deployables
  • BM-1319 - FIX: Windows extension should not be deleted on upgrade
  • BM-1317 - Add server errors list to server overview page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1316 - FIX: Unique key violation when attempting to create a build with two promotion or execution variables scoped to different environments with the exact same name
  • BM-1315 - FIX: Cannot add promotion variables when creating a build (and promoting to the first environment)
  • BM-1314 - FIX: Manual action would send emails to users not in a specified group when the principal assigned is a group
  • BM-1313 - FIX: When cloning an application with a single hidden deployable, the setup release does not include that deployable
  • BM-1312 - FIX: Admin link should be hidden when the specific "Admin_Configure" privilege is denied for a user, even if the user can do other administrative tasks
  • BM-1311 - FIX: Intermittent error using shared SSH key file
  • BM-1310 - FIX: Privilege denials are ignored when the privilege itself is not scoped to an application or environment
  • BM-1309 - Add schedule name and application name to SCM trigger error log entries
  • BM-1307 - API: Release_PurgeReleaseData method does not account for build execution variable values
  • BM-1305 - Create New Release option can still be visible even if Multiple Active Releases are disabled
  • BM-1304 - Add "Back to Servers" link on Server Overview page
  • BM-1303 - FIX: Custom Error Page is not displayed when there is an unhandled exception which results in an error code of 500
  • BM-1302 - Application Group selecter should be an auto-complete textbox instead of a dropdown to allow for new values to be entered
  • BM-1301 - FIX: Create New Build action fails when creating a build for all dependent applications
  • BM-1300 - FIX: Update BuildMaster extension recipes with sample code and support for .NET 4.0
  • BM-1299 - FIX: Recipe pages that use an ApplicationPicker require an updated version of jQuery
  • BM-1297 - FIX: Error When Re-saving Required Promotion Variables
  • BM-1296 - Allow use of a Variable in ManualAction for Username
  • BM-1294 - FIX: Custom proxy configuration will fail when the Proxy_BypassUrls value is set to an empty string
  • BM-1293 - Do not try to prepare Inactive servers for an execution
  • BM-1291 - FIX: Edit change script page does not populate release number or deployable fields with correct values
  • BM-1267 - FIX: Unit test reports are not displayed unless build is in assigned environment
  • BM-1149 - FIX: Transaction error when supplying a Group name to a User approval
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1290 - Add appropriate @media print style for execution log output
  • BM-1289 - FIX: BinaryDataProcess throws ArgumentException for certain valid sets of input data
  • BM-1288 - FIX: SSH connections are not being immediately closed after an SSH action completes
  • BM-1287 - Servers set to "Inactive" will show up as the last status they were in before marked inactive
  • BM-1286 - FIX: Viewing a configuration file from the overview page throws an exception when the version number is missing
  • BM-1283 - FIX: Deleting a server used by the "target server" of a transfer files action in a deployment plan will fail
  • BM-1282 - FIX: Selecting an issue tracker that is improperly configured results in a vague error message when the provider is assigned to an agent
  • BM-1281 - FIX: Database providers not logging output messages on BuildMaster server
  • BM-1279 - FIX: Missing "X" on some modal dialogs
  • BM-1278 - Remove extra "X" from the action search box in IE
  • BM-1277 - Clarify workflow policies
  • BM-1276 - Log Command Line Arguments should only be displayed by default for source control providers
  • BM-1274 - FIX: Invalid activation codes are not considered license errors
  • BM-1273 - FIX: ComboSelect does not post back on value change in Chrome or Firefox
  • BM-1272 - FIX: Delete image does not look clickable on imported deployables list
  • BM-1271 - FIX: Import deployable always imports first deployable in list regardless of selection
  • BM-1270 - FIX: Clone application does not work for some applications
  • BM-1269 - FIX: Missing icons for Create New Application wizards when not connected to the Internet
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1266 - BuildMaster service should wait for SQL Server availability on startup
  • BM-1265 - FIX: Register New Database button shows error page if there are no database providers in any extensions
  • BM-1263 - When adding a new action, selecting a tag should filter by that tag only instead of ANDing the search result with another selected tag
  • BM-1262 - FIX: Remote process execution using SSH agent does not work on certain configurations
  • BM-1261 - FIX: Specified cast is not valid exception when running attempting to run an approval required notifier when there is no "next environment"
  • BM-1260 - FIX: Upgrade checklist still shows there are extensions errors even if they've been resolved
  • BM-1259 - FIX: API key setting is only available when upgrading from a pre-4.0 version
  • BM-1258 - FIX: Environments are sometimes displayed in the wrong order on the all applications page
  • BM-1257 - FIX: Transfer files action does not persist server IDs correctly across postbacks for the button on the file picker
  • BM-1256 - FIX: Deleting a named user deletes the last user in the list
  • BM-1255 - FIX: Non-scoped tasks are incorrectly denied along with scoped tasks
  • BM-1254 - FIX: Service installation should grant the "log on as service" privilege when necessary
  • BM-1252 - Add button to update all extensions
  • BM-1249 - FIX: Selecting a configuration file instance to preview before any other dropdowns will yellow screen
  • BM-1233 - FIX: Firefox not rendering smallediticon.svg correctly
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1251 - FIX: Manual action notifier needs to be updated for new 4.0 style
  • BM-1250 - FIX: Powershell script output is not logged on SOAP agents
  • BM-1248 - FIX: There should not be a legacy dropdown displayed with 5 or more configuration file instances in the edit window - just show them all
  • BM-1247 - FIX: Installer fails when using LocalSystem as service account
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1245 - Releases are no longer automatically sorted by their release number and can now be sorted manually by the user
  • BM-1244 - FIX: Installer should change app pool managed runtime version to 4.0 on upgrade
  • BM-1243 - Add workflow policies which include the ability to deploy to any environment in the workflow and auto-release creation/cancellation/closing options
  • BM-1242 - FIX: Re-execute from last failed action now includes WarningIndicator when copying logs to new execution
  • BM-1241 - FIX: Execution completion notifier gives warning if user doesn't exist
  • BM-1240 - FIX: Many minor bug fixes, see the BuildMaster 4.0 Beta notes knowledge base article for more information (
  • BM-1239 - FIX: Agent installer maps IIS site root to TargetPath instead of BinPath
  • BM-1238 - FIX: Extension gallery overview page display a yellow screen if there is no connection to the internet from the BuildMaster server
  • BM-1237 - FIX: Events links do not pop up in a modal page
  • BM-1235 - Update approvals gadget to show approvals for all environments if workflow is set to allow promotions to any environment
  • BM-1234 - FIX: Creating a build of a release assigned to a workflow with no steps will yellow screen
  • BM-1205 - Rename Release History page to All Releases page, and allow sorting by included release deployable
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1232 - FIX: Odd workflow behavior when unrun predicate is involed in last action group
  • BM-1231 - FIX: APPDIR, WRKDIR, and ROOTDIR variables not replaced in source or target paths for actions
  • BM-1221 - Application Dashboard
  • BM-1219 - Tweak Server Page UI
  • BM-1194 - FIX: Predicate not Evaluated if First Action in Group is Uninclused
  • BM-1192 - FIX: Downloaf Artifact WebUI Truncates Name in Some Browsers if ARtifact has a Space
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1230 - Update Logon Page
  • BM-1229 - FIX: Variables not replaced in Working Directory property of Execute Command Line action
  • BM-1227 - Long action descriptions on the Execution Details page should not increase the size of the containing table and push text off the screen
  • BM-1225 - Allow Variable Declaration on Definition Pages
  • BM-1224 - Remove API Key Page, use All Settings to update the API key instead
  • BM-1220 - BuildMaster Overview Dashboard
  • BM-1206 - FIX: Variable-based Promotion Requirement assumes Promotion-level scoping for a variable as its most specific, when it should be Build-level scoping
  • BM-1191 - Expand Artifact search to check for the most appropriate first (matching release deployable, imported deployable, etc.) then expand to artifacts associated with other deployables or "all deployables"
  • BM-1175 - Change behavior of Automatic Builds to queue up builds if there are SCM changes detect, and do not attempt to determine changes when there are executions in the queue
  • BM-1010 - FIX: TCP Agent host service terminates when it receives an incorrect security token
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1217 - Deemphasize Promotions
  • BM-1216 - Consolidate "Create New Action Group" and "Copy/Link Action Group" buttons into a type picker
  • BM-1215 - Import/Export of Deployment Plans
  • BM-1214 - Implement a DeployConfigurationFileActionBase
  • BM-1213 - Allow dates and times to be displayed in the current user's format and time zone
  • BM-1212 - Prepare agents for execution asynchronously
  • BM-1208 - Set ServerID when Logging Agent-based Issues
  • BM-1207 - FIX: UTC Time Displayed on View Error Page
  • BM-1204 - FIX: Edit variable values should not be displayed on edit release page
  • BM-1200 - Role tasks defined as "non-scopable" should not apply any application or environment-level scoping when determining if a user has privileges
  • BM-1197 - Allow Database Connection from Other Environment to be Used in Database Actions
  • BM-1162 - Separate Server Groups on Server Page
  • BM-1160 - Don't allow promotion of builds to first environment when there are approvals/reqs
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1203 - Add BuildMaster 4 Upgrade Checklist
  • BM-1202 - Allow CommandLineAction To export BuildMaster Variables
  • BM-1196 - Silent Agent Installation
  • BM-1193 - SMTP settings page should be modal
  • BM-1190 - Hide provider type field on Download Change Script Deployment Tool page unless there are at least two
  • BM-1189 - Improve Compare Directories Report action
  • BM-1186 - HTTP actions should be in BuildMasterExtensions
  • BM-1185 - Add Set Variable from File action
  • BM-1184 - Install Service with "Auto Recover"
  • BM-1182 - Database Action Logging Improvements
  • BM-1181 - FIX: Reject Current Build in First Environment checkbox is always disabled on Create Build page
  • BM-1180 - FIX: Cannot set variable to non-default value directly on Create New Release page
  • BM-1179 - FIX: Can set variable values for a deployed release
  • BM-1178 - FIX: Can edit canceled/deployed releases by entering release number in the create release page
  • BM-1177 - Edit Release page should explain why workflows can't be changed when the dropdown is disabled
  • BM-1173 - Improve UI Validation Errors w/ Custom Validator Styling
  • BM-1172 - Remove History Links from Main Application Navigation
  • BM-1171 - New Filter String Controls
  • BM-1170 - Database/ChangeScripts UI Tweaks
  • BM-1169 - Rename CoreEx Configuration Values
  • BM-1167 - Web/Service Restart Control
  • BM-1166 - Proxy settings page should be modal
  • BM-1165 - Restart Service When Changing Proxy Configuration
  • BM-1163 - FIX: Spacing on Server Overview Page
  • BM-1161 - Add "OFF" status to Servers
  • BM-1157 - Log ServerId when AgentUpdate is Unable to Connect to Server
  • BM-1156 - Display current directory provider on log in page
  • BM-1155 - Log warning message when capturing empty artifacts
  • BM-1154 - TimePicker Control
  • BM-1153 - Do not display "Reject Current..." on Create New Build w/o MultipleActive Builds Enabled
  • BM-1152 - Add Create Release Note action
  • BM-1151 - Hide "Deployables" Concept When Only 1 Deployable
  • BM-1150 - Display release name instead of number when not empty
  • BM-1147 - Add "Reject All Active Builds" Button to Edit Release
  • BM-1146 - Have Add Promotion Requirement Page display as modal
  • BM-1145 - Add multiple workflows to the application navigation bar
  • BM-1144 - Rewrite Create New Application Page
  • BM-1143 - Add ComboBox Control
  • BM-1095 - Upgrade JQuery, remove Wijmo controls
  • BM-1090 - Improve integrated web server configuration from command line
  • BM-1069 - Refactor the Execution In Progress Page
  • BM-901 - FIX: URL-trigger build with basic authentication does not work with integrated web server
  • BM-900 - Change ReleaseNumber Sorting
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 3.7 - Limited Support


  • BM-1425 - FIX: Agent connections can be disconnected before buffered output is flushed, causing unhandled exceptions in the service
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1226 - FIX: Disallow Selection of Database Connection in Database Based Actions
  • BM-1223 - Add LogCommandLineOutput Property to Providers
  • BM-1222 - FIX: Edit Database Provider Page Security Validation
  • BM-1218 - Add SVRNAME Variable
  • BM-1201 - FIX: Backup Database Action should use FullPath
  • BM-1198 - FIX: BuildScheduleVariableValues Should Not Allow Empty Values
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1188 - Remove ValidateBeforeSave on CommandLineActionEditor
  • BM-1176 - Add Execution Scope to Variables; Environment Scoping
  • BM-1174 - Queue Build Executions
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 3.6 - Unsupported


  • BM-1141 - FIX: Installer reset port to 80 if using the integrated web server on an upgrade from 3.6.X to a later version
  • BM-1140 - FIX: Selecting the Deployment Plans menu item when there are no environments set up results in unfriendly "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error
  • BM-1139 - FIX: Certain deployable dependencies are not committed to the database after editing a deployable
  • BM-1138 - FIX: SOAP API throws exception when calling a method with a nullable value type out parameter
  • BM-1137 - FIX: Set File Attributes ignoring files because masking is not accounting for full path of file
  • BM-1136 - FIX: Creating a provider-based action does not allow a server change because it gets overridden when selecting the a provider after changing the server
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1135 - FIX: Providers executing command line operations on agents can lead to race condition if the executable path does not exist
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer




  • BM-1134 - Improve Release Number Validation
  • BM-1133 - Applications_GetDeployable procedure in the SQL API should not use RAISERROR when there is no deployable with the specified ID
  • BM-1132 - BuildMaster web application should be able to run under a .NET 4.0 application pool
  • BM-1131 - Disable generatePublisherEvidence, which can cause the service to hang during startup if it cannot access the internet
  • BM-1130 - Move Re-execution Predicate from BuildMasterBeta
  • BM-1129 - FIX: Editing the description of a previously saved group approval results in a transaction error
  • BM-1128 - FIX: Clone Application API call fails with "Cannot insert the value NULL into column" error
  • BM-1127 - INSTALLER: Installing to existing SQL 2012 installation will not grant the selected user the BuildMasterUser_Role
  • BM-1120 - FIX: Unit test actions implemented as remote commands do not respect the log errors as warnings option
  • BM-1116 - FIX: Changing the Server dropdown when editing a provider should update the server for the file/directory selector
  • BM-1094 - Notifier Email Address Box Should be Newline Separated
  • BM-1009 - FIX: Monthly automatic builds set for the last day of the month do not run
  • BM-959 - FIX: Web site hangs when trying to install an extension and the app pool user does not have enough privileges to do so
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1126 - Performance improvement for Releases_Extended view when there are thousands of builds for a single release
  • BM-1125 - FIX: Configuration and Database application navigation menu is not shown even if privileges are granted for a particular application
  • BM-1123 - FIX: Creating a release displays the incorrect variable scope
  • BM-1122 - FIX: Error page when clicking on link to a future environment in the build promotion status
  • BM-1121 - FIX: Variable Value Set promotion requirement not cascading variable values correctly
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1119 - Tweak Build/Restore Database Actions for logging/file pathing consistency
  • BM-1118 - Add filter for Servers page to filter by server/group, status, environment, and agent type
  • BM-1117 - Add release name to all applications overview page
  • BM-1115 - SDK: Add AddBuildMasterVariablesAsEnvironmentVariables to CommandLineActionBase
  • BM-1114 - FIX: TCP Agent Should Pass Environment Variables on Process Executer
  • BM-1113 - Add Purge Artifacts Trigger (from BuildMasterBeta)
  • BM-1112 - Add Auto-promote Build Trigger (from BuildMasterBeta)
  • BM-1111 - Generic extension editor should use component model attributes
  • BM-1110 - Sortable release numbering should not be calculated on-the-fly and should be created along with the release
  • BM-1109 - FIX: Deployment History page very slow to load for 10,000+ executions
  • BM-1108 - FIX: Currency Display for Turkish Locale
  • BM-1103 - Add IFileOperationsExecuter.DirectoryExists method
  • BM-1083 - FIX: Welcome box not displayed on Login page when Javascript is disabled
  • BM-1068 - Creating old release numbers should be prohibited
  • BM-1057 - Build/Promote Actions Should Allow/Use Application Groups
  • BM-1056 - Combine Buttons on Server Page
  • BM-1055 - Rename "Change Read-Only" Action to "Set File Attributes"
  • BM-1052 - Change Update Notices to be Release-based instead of Time-based
  • BM-69 - Rebuild the Variables Engine
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 3.5 - Unsupported


  • BM-1107 - FIX: Escape Commands in Group Name for LDAP
  • BM-1106 - FIX: Changed ToLower() to ToLowerInvariant() for Turkish Language Locale
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1105 - BuildMaster service should be created as Delayed Start when possible
  • BM-1104 - FIX: Dart licenses not being added to TCP agent service
  • BM-1101 - FIX: SlimPlanActionExecuter may omit return value from remote commands run at exactly the same time
  • BM-1100 - FIX: Wrap installer user-creation in a transaction to prevent issues when an exception occurs
  • BM-1099 - FIX: Error on users page when a username has an apostrophe
  • BM-1098 - FIX: Add server to BuildMaster link on Windows Agent Installation page assumes SOAP agent
  • BM-1097 - FIX: Individual actions should be able to be deprecated in extensions
  • BM-1096 - FIX: Server overview page should hide delete button for the BuildMaster server
  • BM-1093 - Sleep action should allow non-numeric input (for variables)
  • BM-1092 - Clarify daily frequency for scheduled automatic builds
  • BM-1091 - FIX: Overridden action group description for a shared action group does not appear in box when editing a group that has a description
  • BM-1088 - FIX: Clean (non-upgrade) install should remove old license keys from existing database
  • BM-1087 - Improve error message when database connection fails
  • BM-1086 - FIX: Calendar Table Issues for Certain Locales
  • BM-1085 - Create Artifact Action should transfer directly from the agent if the artifacts path is a network share
  • BM-1082 - Admin tool should be code signed
  • BM-1080 - FIX: Installer Next button is never enabled after a DB connection test fails
  • BM-1079 - API: Add Method Releases_PurgeRelease
  • BM-1074 - FIX: Notifiers are not sent if the last action group in a plan is not run due to a predicate
  • BM-1073 - Improve error message when using a provider without the required interface
  • BM-744 - FIX: Target date field on release page should be optional and default to not specified
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1078 - Default text layout forces directory selection button to the next line, when it should be on the same line
  • BM-1077 - Improve discoverability of SSH agent on server overview page
  • BM-1076 - FIX: Remove references to deprecated inedobm_splitbutton.js
  • BM-1075 - FIX: Single quotes should not be escaped in strings returned from the JSON API
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1071 - Bind Integrated Web Server to a wildcard hostname on a new installation instead of localhost
  • BM-1070 - FIX: Improve error message description when deploying a configuration file instance that does not have an associated version
  • BM-1050 - FIX: Navigating directly to a page with a legacy URL will occasionally result in a yellow screen instead of redirecting to the login page
  • BM-1037 - FIX: Live chat box does not work in IE8
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1067 - FIX: ArgumentOutOfRange exception when navigating to execution in progress page when a very large number of actions have already been run or re-executed from last failed action
  • BM-1066 - FIX: Occasional KeyNotFoundExecptions in error log when using the TCP agent to execute a remote process
  • BM-1065 - FIX: Potential race condition in certain cached TCP agent responses
  • BM-1064 - FIX: Delay Between Action Executions on Very Large Deployments
  • BM-1063 - FIX: Failure when two remote commands are run on the same agent at exactly the same time
  • BM-1062 - FIX: The activation popup window will populate the license key textbox with a concatenation of all the keys instead of the single one to be activated
  • BM-1060 - FIX: Deleting a named user will cause an error
  • BM-1059 - FIX: In certain conditions, execution gets stuck when preparing servers if a server is offline
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1058 - FIX: Occasional Deadlock Error in Deployment Executer While Under Heavy Load
  • BM-1054 - FIX: Generated changescripter fails to recognize commands in lowercase
  • BM-1053 - FIX: Issue-tracking related actions should be forced to use the application's associated issue tracking system instead of a selecting it in the action
  • BM-1051 - FIX: Database connections should not be able to be created when there is no workflow setup in the application
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1049 - FIX: Deployable Dependencies and Multiple Active Builds Upgrade should use smaller inline box
  • BM-1048 - FIX: Extension missing BuildMasterExtensionAttribute can cause the extensions manager to initialize incorrectly
  • BM-1047 - FIX: Occassional Deadlock Error While Logging Certain Errors
  • BM-1046 - FIX: 7-Day Trial Request should invalidate the license cache
  • BM-1045 - License keys on the Overview page should not be loaded from the license cache in order to prevent issues with new keys added
  • BM-1044 - FIX: Proxy configuration page doesn't reload some values
  • BM-1043 - Add UI Warning to Prevent Creation of Configuration Files w/o Release
  • BM-1042 - FIX: Actions with a retry count will report successful, but the associated execution will be marked as failed
  • BM-1022 - Local servers on the Servers Overview page should be linked to the Server Overview page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1041 - FIX: Action Timeouts can cause the service to crash
  • BM-1040 - FIX: Canceling a build execution can cause a service crash
  • BM-1039 - FIX: Two EXECPT events are generated when a build execution is canceled
  • BM-1038 - FIX: Re-execution from last failed action not supported by new retry count handling
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1036 - FIX: Config file overview page does not work when there are no deployables
  • BM-1035 - FIX: "No application variables" message column span is incorrect
  • BM-1034 - FIX: Add spacing above Cancel button on Create New Variable page
  • BM-1033 - FIX: Link to edit application variable does not work for existing variables
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1032 - Log to Windows event log when an error cannot be logged to the database
  • BM-1031 - Add Release Number Link on Build Overview Page
  • BM-1030 - FIX: Extensions page does not work when an old custom extension is present which references InedoLibBM
  • BM-1029 - Detect old versions of XML-based extensions
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1026 - API: Add @BuildExecutionPlanAction_Id To Builds_GetExecutionLog
  • BM-1025 - Allow Loading of Extensions with BuildMaster SDK Accidently Inclused
  • BM-1024 - Improve "missing BuildMasterAssemblyAttribute" Message to Include Resolution
  • BM-1023 - FIX: TCP agent sometimes stays locked after an update
  • BM-1021 - Add Note to Create Variable Page that Releases Won't Auto-Add Variables
  • BM-1020 - Increase Visibility of Forced Promotions
  • BM-1019 - ViewLog Should Use PlanActionId instead of Exec+Plan+Action+Server
  • BM-1018 - Remove @Success_Indicator from BuildExecution_CompleteExecution
  • BM-1017 - Add Warning to DeployAllConfigFiles ACtion if LT 3 Config Files
  • BM-1016 - Clarify "All Deployables" and Deploy Config Files
  • BM-1015 - FIX: DeployAllConfigFileAction Does not Filter by Deleted/inactive instances
  • BM-1014 - FIX: CloseWindow causes JavaScript errors on frameddialog (InedoLib)
  • BM-1013 - LiveHelp Sidebar
  • BM-1012 - FIX: Execute Command Line Action succeeds on TCP agent when exe file does not exist
  • BM-1011 - FIX: Retry on Action Still Reports Error After Success
  • BM-1007 - Configuration file instance names should display a more descriptive tooltip when you hover over the tabs
  • BM-1006 - FIX: Constrained ActionGroups Not Executing if Before Last Disabled Group
  • BM-1004 - Support for multiple license keys
  • BM-1001 - FIX: Action executer should determine action success in the stored procedure
  • BM-310 - API: Add @EnvironmentId To Builds_PromoteBuild, Builds_ValidatePromotion
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 3.3 - Unsupported


  • BM-1008 - FIX: TCP Agent Security Token validation fails with SSL
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-1005 - FIX: Agent connections in ERROR status during a deployment are written as errors in the deployment log but do not forcibly end an execution
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-996 - UnitTestActionBase should allow derived classes to not use ProcessRemoteCommand
  • BM-995 - PromoteBuildAction (Single Application) Should Validate Dependency
  • BM-994 - Add TCP Agent to Installer
  • BM-993 - Add Service Kick Semaphore in Web Reset
  • BM-992 - Add a collection of Create New Application templates
  • BM-991 - Add Option to Overwrite Existing Files on RenameFiles Action
  • BM-990 - Add ConfigurationFiles_RenameConfigurationFile Stub
  • BM-989 - Add ConfigFileName to ConfigurationFile Action
  • BM-988 - Add ProviderName Property to Provider-based Actions
  • BM-987 - DatabaseActionEditorBase Should List All Providers
  • BM-986 - Virtualize ProcessRemoteCommand on RemoteActionBase
  • BM-985 - FIX: Incorrect icons displayed in popup when associating servers with an environment
  • BM-984 - ApplicationGroup is not pre-populated with an Application Group on the Edit Settings page
  • BM-983 - FIX: Install Extensions page does not redirect properly back to the progress page in certain browsers
  • BM-982 - FIX: Creating builds in certain global regions causes an ArgumentException in the variables engine when setting the DATE variable
  • BM-981 - Allow multiple MasksTypeAttribute
  • BM-980 - FIX: Inaccurate Logging with ProviderBasedActions using RemoteExecution
  • BM-979 - Security Exception should not be YSOD
  • BM-978 - Add WizardSteps for easier development of custom recipes
  • BM-977 - Display Error Bar Only If Error Was in Last 72H
  • BM-966 - FIX: Deployment plan admin container layout issue in IE7
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 3.2 - Unsupported


  • BM-976 - Ensure "Standard" Workflow is Ordered at Top of Lists
  • BM-975 - Refactor Admin page by combining similar functionality, e.g. "Extensions Disk Path"
  • BM-974 - Add EXECUSER variable
  • BM-973 - FIX: Cannot deploy templated configuration file with blank template
  • BM-972 - Server oveview page should check server status asynchronously so it doesn't block the page load when a server doesn't respond in a timely fashion
  • BM-971 - Display release notes for versions that exist between the current version of BuildMaster and the newest release
  • BM-970 - FIX: Deploy All Config Files Action does not work on SSH Agents
  • BM-969 - FIX: Global cultures do not pre-populate the date dropdown with the current date
  • BM-968 - FIX: Alerts bar should not disable links and should disappear when alert messages are no longer relevant
  • BM-967 - FIX: Email authentication over SSL with supplied credentials fails against GMail
  • BM-965 - FIX: Direct server file download from browser throws an exception when a file extension is not found instead of defaulting to application/octet-stream
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-964 - FIX: Purging applications with deployables that are imported by other applications and referenced in an action group fails with ValidateSequence trigger violation
  • BM-962 - Under highly-experimental feature level, allow re-executions to start from the last failed step in the deployment plan
  • BM-961 - FIX: Multiple TimePickers on the same page can lead to incorrect default being set
  • BM-960 - The Day/Time-based promotion requirement should allow for rollover into the next day of the "Occurs After" time is greater than the "Occurs Before" time
  • BM-958 - FIX: Promote Build action over-aggressively validates the builds' environments if there are multiple for the same release
  • BM-951 - Add ability for modal windows to auto-size to fit content
  • BM-948 - Improve error message when referenced deployable build is missing
  • BM-941 - FIX: Variable Templating Regression
  • BM-940 - FIX: Deleting deployables that are still in use by a deployment plan will cause an error
  • BM-939 - FIX: Loading a configuration file directly from source control attempts to use a deprecated default deployable provider
  • BM-938 - FIX: Scrolling issue on long action editors for short screens in IE
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-957 - FIX: SCM triggered builds created when BuildMaster service is started
  • BM-956 - Add RELDEP (Release Deployed) Event
  • BM-955 - Improve error handling and input validation for JSON API
  • BM-954 - Builds_CreateBuild API method should have StartExecution_Indicator argument
  • BM-953 - FIX: Cannot pass date/time values to JSON API
  • BM-952 - Allow build number to be set explicitly via API when creating a new build
  • BM-950 - Remove legacy div.modal-header from modal windows
  • BM-949 - Agent Security Token field on add/edit SOAP server page should indicate that it is not required with default text
  • BM-947 - FIX: Client Command Preview text does not show exact arguments
  • BM-946 - FIX: Promotions sorted incorrectly on Build Overview page
  • BM-942 - FIX: Appropriate application navigation links should be hidden or disabled if the logged in user does not have required privileges
  • BM-937 - FIX: Clicking [full log] on action log preview (during execution) doesn't work for remote actions
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-945 - FIX: Date picker control is too narrow
  • BM-944 - FIX: SOAP API
  • BM-943 - FIX: jQuery date bug for non-US date formats
  • BM-936 - FIX: SCM-Triggered builds do not work with certain agents
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-935 - Improvement: Sort servers alphabetically on the select server page, with the local buildmaster server appearing first in the list regardless
  • BM-934 - Improvement: Execute Change Scripts Action should perform a bulk comparison against the executed history instead of remoting all scripts
  • BM-933 - FIX: The Execute Change Scripts action should only run the change scripts associated with the deployable of its containing action group
  • BM-932 - List the release's included deployables on the Create New Build page
  • BM-930 - FIX: Servers in use link on the Licensing Overview page is broken
  • BM-929 - Rename "Branching" to "Tag"
  • BM-927 - FIX: Administration links appear as overlines in Firefox 10+
  • BM-926 - Return ERROR Status if Agents are Newer than BuildMaster
  • BM-925 - FIX: "Add the server to BuildMaster" links in the agent download help popup are broken
  • BM-924 - Expose Locked Status for SOAP-based Agents
  • BM-923 - Add individual environments back to deployment plans and hide menu items if user does not have appropriate privileges
  • BM-922 - Integrate LinqBridge in BuildMasterCore
  • BM-921 - Add button for recipes on appropriate pages under Highly Experimental feature level
  • BM-920 - Add ability to browse files on a remote server from the Server page
  • BM-919 - FIX: Moving the exact same action sequences to the same destination sequence fails in IE
  • BM-918 - Deploy Artifact Action should deploy only changed files like the Transfer Files Action
  • BM-917 - Upgrade SSH agents from Highly Experimental feature level to Standard
  • BM-916 - Clarify SSL/TLS mail settings on the SMTP Configuration page
  • BM-915 - FIX: ServerOverview Page links to ServerGroup Incorrectly
  • BM-914 - FIX: Manual Action does not send email notifications
  • BM-908 - Display Live Status on Server Overview Page
  • BM-814 - FIX: The Create New Database Provider page should use the ManageDatabaseProviders task instead of Admin_ManageExtensions
  • BM-805 - FIX: Deployable Selection on Create/Edit Release
  • BM-712 - Improve variable description in Create New Build action
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 3.1 - Unsupported


  • BM-913 - FIX: Change Scripts are displayed out of order on the change script overview page
  • BM-912 - FIX: Change Script Deployment Tool download link hangs when a database provider cannot be reached
  • BM-911 - Add ENVID, DEPID variables
  • BM-910 - FIX: Moving workflow steps may fail in cases where other applications have active builds with identical build and release numbers
  • BM-909 - FIX: Unhandled exception when adding a misconfigured SOAP agent
  • BM-907 - FIX: TransferFilesAction Gives Unhelpful Error if Server has been Deleted
  • BM-906 - Zip library upgrade to support zipping empty directories when creating a build artifact, etc.
  • BM-905 - FIX: Tabbed deployment plans are selected incorrectly when there are absolute links to a specific plan and there is a self redirect
  • BM-904 - FIX: Variables for imported deployables (REFRELNO, REFBLDNO, etc.) are not updated for different deployables in the same plan
  • BM-903 - FIX: BuildMaster SMTP authentication does not work in certain cases
  • BM-902 - FIX: Agents get stuck in UPDATE status if the BuildMaster Service is restarted during an update
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-899 - FIX: ApplicationGroup Scoped Privileges Edge Case
  • BM-898 - Add deployable name variable (DEPNAME)
  • BM-897 - FIX: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__BuildExecution_PlanActionLogEntries' error
  • BM-896 - FIX: The directory browser may trigger failed validation when there are thousands of groups in the directory
  • BM-895 - FIX: DATE variable with .NET format string is not replaced in paths
  • BM-894 - FIX: Promote Build action always uses dependency's release number when (all dependents) is selected
  • BM-893 - FIX: Manual configuration file deployment sometimes fails with absolute paths
  • BM-892 - FIX: Notifiers cannot be deleted
  • BM-891 - FIX: ExtensionsManager requires method added to mscorlib in .NET 2 SP2
  • BM-881 - XML-based actions should use new agent interface
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-890 - FIX: Workflow step sequence sequential ordering is not enforcing, which could cause the steps to not be able to be reordered
  • BM-889 - FIX: Transfer Files Action fails to create target directories with certain masks when "To" and "From" servers are the same
  • BM-888 - FIX: Integrated web server only works with port 80
  • BM-887 - FIX: Agent status update countdown changes should not be logged to the BuildMaster event log
  • BM-886 - FIX: Default server selection doesn't persist when Save All Plans is selected
  • BM-885 - FIX: Cannot save action groups if there are existing predicates that aren't changed
  • BM-884 - FIX: Default server selection on action groups should be hidden if the group is not shared
  • BM-882 - FIX: Certain legacy action editors report "File does not exist" when the file in question actually does exist
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-880 - FIX: Users With Deny Privileges Cannot Log-in
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-879 - FIX: Timeout During LegacySoapAgent Update Leaves Agent in Unstable State
  • BM-878 - FIX: Send Email Action broken in certain cases
  • BM-877 - FIX: Unhelpful error message when an imported deployable references a canceled release during build execution
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-876 - Validate Time Differences on Database/Web Server
  • BM-875 - Allow build variables to be added via the query string for URL-triggered builds
  • BM-873 - Allow Create Release Number Trigger to scope by Application Group
  • BM-872 - FIX: Extension file locked during agent initialization after update
  • BM-871 - FIX: Approval needed trigger crashes if one of the users notified does not have an email address
  • BM-870 - Generate SOAP API at runtime instead of using the CodeGen tool
  • BM-868 - Do not display Login page with LDAP
  • BM-867 - New Server Overview Page
  • BM-866 - Make Agents Extensible
  • BM-865 - Add ClueTip To Execution in Progress Page
  • BM-863 - Add capability to transparently replace actions via extensions
  • BM-862 - JSON API
  • BM-861 - FIX: Build History doesn't filter correctly
  • BM-860 - Alphabetize ChangeScripts on Overview
  • BM-859 - Add expiration date to the License Key overview page
  • BM-858 - Add the ability to change named users and user class via the License Key overview page
  • BM-857 - Switching to LDAP should provide more instructions and ensure the LOGON_USER has privileges
  • BM-856 - Users without privileges should not be added as licensed if they log in
  • BM-855 - Selecting Create Build on a Release page should default the release dropdown to that release
  • BM-853 - FIX: Variables broken in Create Build action
  • BM-852 - Deploy All Config Files Action does not show the directory to which they will be deployed on the Deployment Plan page
  • BM-851 - FIX: Default server selection for shared action groups doesn't work correctly
  • BM-850 - Notifier for when BuildMaster cannot access a remote agent
  • BM-849 - FIX: Width on All Applications Page
  • BM-848 - FIX: Cannot change workflow once a release is created
  • BM-847 - FIX: Link to edit provider on Build Schedules page should be modal
  • BM-846 - BuildMaster service should be performing forced updates, not the web app
  • BM-845 - FIX: Installer should use HTTP instead of a ping to verify connectivity
  • BM-844 - Allow SSL connections in SMTP settings
  • BM-843 - FIX: Extension load errors not displayed
  • BM-842 - FIX: Deleted SCM Provider Crashes BuildSchedule Page
  • BM-841 - Use the service to determine agent status instead of the web app
  • BM-785 - FIX: Deployment plan header spacing in Firefox, and admin button positions in IE 8
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 3.0 - Unsupported


  • BM-840 - FIX: An incorrect referenced deployable release number is selected when editing a release
  • BM-839 - FIX: ReleaseDeployedNotifier Triggers in Pre-Production Rollback Deployments
  • BM-837 - Prepare agents and service for Dart SSH licensing
  • BM-835 - FIX: The manual action does not alert the user when a task needs to be performed
  • BM-833 - Add text to indicate that artifacts aren't purged with an application
  • BM-832 - Allow Agent Download Without Log-in
  • BM-830 - Installer: Validate Collation on Databases
  • BM-829 - Allow Edit of Workflow Steps In Active Release
  • BM-828 - FIX: Script Text on Sql Script is not full width
  • BM-824 - FIX: When there are no providers and you attempt to create a provider-based action, the link needs to refresh the parent instead of the modal
  • BM-823 - FIX: Retry Count ignored if non-remote action fails without an exception
  • BM-822 - FIX: License key overview page lists incorrect number of full users
  • BM-821 - FIX: Creating a new user using the built-in directory provider allows you to mark him as named even with no licenses remaining
  • BM-820 - FIX: Deploy Artifact fails deploying to very long paths
  • BM-819 - FIX: Deploy Build Artifact action shows unexpected error page if name contains invalid characters
  • BM-818 - FIX: Package Change Scripts Action shouldn't require initialized database
  • BM-817 - Variable Ambiguity: No way to tell what 'type' of Variable a Variable is after creating it (Free text/Numeric)
  • BM-816 - Remove or deprecate Create New Release Action
  • BM-815 - Manual Task / Manual Action name discrepancy
  • BM-812 - FIX: Create New Build without 'Promote New Build to First Environment' box checked results in error
  • BM-811 - FIX: Named User configuration controlled by Admin_ManageSecurity, should be Admin_ManageLicense
  • BM-809 - FIX: Concatenate Files Action fails when * is used as a file mask
  • BM-807 - FIX: Error when logging in after last visited application was deleted
  • BM-806 - FIX: Change Control security task redundancy.
  • BM-804 - FIX: ApproveBuild needs task for security privelege, currently none.
  • BM-803 - FIX: Delete Builds_EditBuild
  • BM-802 - FIX: Edit page for Application Dashboards (Builds and Releases) using wrong task for security privilege
  • BM-801 - FIX: CreateNewVariable has wrong task for security privilege
  • BM-800 - FIX: Applications_CreateDeployable not used, merge with Application_EditDeployable
  • BM-799 - FIX: EditIssueTracker has wrong task for privilege
  • BM-798 - FIX: TriggerBuild.ashx Improperly Prompts for Auth in IAUTH Mode
  • BM-797 - FIX: Publish Event Details trigger fails on save
  • BM-795 - FIX: Remove Licensed User Not License-Safe
  • BM-794 - FIX: ENVMOD Not Raised On Deleting/Undeleting
  • BM-793 - FIX: FeatureLevel Not Hiding All Features
  • BM-792 - Clarify "Directory not Empty" Messages on Agents
  • BM-791 - FIX: Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String' error with empty secondary workflow
  • BM-790 - Improve Agent Selection in WebServiceAgentFactory::CreateAgent()
  • BM-789 - FIX: The default last action group should say "Start Application"
  • BM-788 - Improve Default Home and All Applications Layout
  • BM-787 - Add SRCDIR, WRKDIR and APPDIR Variables
  • BM-786 - FIX: An action running on a server group fails if it's the last action in a deployment plan
  • BM-784 - Do not log error if error page is displayed to user
  • BM-783 - FIX: When creating a Get Latest action, the remote server cannot be changed
  • BM-772 - FIX: ChangeScripter should write errors to StdErr
  • BM-771 - FIX: Two unit test actions with the same group name will result in a PK violation
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-782 - FIX: SCM triggered builds aren't executed
  • BM-781 - FIX: License and Activation page crashes with invalid license key
  • BM-780 - FIX: Release Dropdown on Create New Build page lists every release
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-779 - FIX: Latest Releases Overview displayed multiple environments with multiple workflows
  • BM-778 - FIX: Editing a server name causes validation to fail when it shouldn't
  • BM-777 - FIX: Editing Predicates in IE9 Does not Work
  • BM-776 - Improve Artifact Search Logic
  • BM-775 - FIX: Copy Action Crashes with Retry_Count NULL
  • BM-774 - FIX: Copy action group fails
  • BM-773 - FIX: Crash if scheduled build is added with Free Edition license key
  • BM-723 - ReExecute Build Should be a separate privilege
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-770 - In the application tab dropdown, groups should link to the group overview page
  • BM-769 - FIX: Invalid release numbers could be created
  • BM-768 - Improve release number entry
  • BM-767 - FIX: Variables not being displayed on Build page
  • BM-766 - FIX: Auto-created releases have no variable values set
  • BM-765 - FIX: Close button on nested modal looks strange
  • BM-764 - FIX: Illegal path on Create File Action Editor causes unexpected error
  • BM-763 - Create Application-level Change Controls Gadget
  • BM-761 - FIX: Configuration File Instance Ordering
  • BM-760 - Add "Apply Execution-time Variables In Addition to Template" Checkbox
  • BM-759 - Admin Tool: Save Directory Provider When Saved
  • BM-758 - Add SecurityToken To SOAP Comms
  • BM-757 - Advanced Action features
  • BM-755 - Build History Gadget
  • BM-754 - ReleaseHistory Gadget
  • BM-753 - Clarify Licensed Users
  • BM-752 - All Applications Dashboard, App Group Overview
  • BM-750 - FIX: Deleting Variable Goes to Blank Page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-762 - FIX: Cannot create a release
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-751 - Add Release Numbers to Application Navigation
  • BM-749 - FIX: Not redirecting to Build page after an empty execution
  • BM-748 - FIX: Promotion to environment with only empty action groups gets stuck in AwaitingExecution state
  • BM-747 - FIX: Promote button should only be displayed on an active build
  • BM-746 - FIX: Remove plan action group sequence from execution details page
  • BM-745 - FIX: Configurer link when editing an action doesn't handle the modal correctly, it should refresh the top window
  • BM-743 - FIX: Action_Sequence needs trigger to ensure valid sequence values
  • BM-742 - FIX: Build Artifacts not displayed if any artifacts exist with no deployable
  • BM-741 - FIX: Once an action group is created, its Deployable cannot be changed
  • BM-740 - FIX: Cannot copy or link action group with (all deployables)
  • BM-739 - FIX: Deployment Plans Should refresh only action group and reload entire tab
  • BM-738 - Create .NET Page for Error, do not log to Error Log
  • BM-737 - FIX: Build History Crash if Build Exists with No Execution
  • BM-736 - FIX: Promotion Requirements Not Displayed on BuildPage
  • BM-735 - FIX: Deployment Plan Creating Two Sets of Buttons
  • BM-734 - FIX: Release Variables Not Being Set
  • BM-727 - Search/Replace Action should search subdirectories if checked
  • BM-721 - Improve Extensions Manager Error Page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-733 - Update Unexpected Error page to match new design and be slightly more helpful
  • BM-732 - Re-implement "Succeeded with Warnings" feature
  • BM-731 - View Release History
  • BM-730 - FIX: Plan sequences should be continuous started at 1
  • BM-729 - FIX: "Collection is empty" error on deployment overview for JavaTest application
  • BM-728 - Remove FileSystemProvider
  • BM-725 - FIX: Create two deployables same name, unexpected error.
  • BM-722 - FIX: Editing Server does not validate for duplicate names
  • BM-719 - FIX: Rename Existing Environment to Deleted environment Crashes
  • BM-718 - FIX: Removing a workflow step with a promotion requirement crashes
  • BM-717 - Update Actions with Default Provider Selected
  • BM-716 - 3.0: fix SCM Provider Interface
  • BM-715 - EditIssueTracker page doesn't persist across postbacks
  • BM-714 - FIX: Create application group does not close the dialog after saving.
  • BM-711 - Admin tool should require running as admininstrator
  • BM-710 - Remove starting and ending dates from build schedules
  • BM-708 - Add (Highly Expirimental) AutoDeployRelease_Indicator
  • BM-707 - Create Application Search Box
  • BM-706 - Usability Improvements
  • BM-704 - Deployment Plans 3.0
  • BM-703 - Security 3.0
  • BM-702 - Installer 3.0
  • BM-700 - Build Schedules - Drop Old Columns
  • BM-699 - Build Schedules - Split CreateUpdate to 3 Procs
  • BM-698 - Build Schedules 3.0
  • BM-696 - Deployment plans were shown multiple times if multiple workflows are active
  • BM-692 - ValidatingTextBox should have a DefaultText property
  • BM-691 - Associate Plan Action Groups with a server
  • BM-687 - Link action log to action editor
  • BM-686 - Apply Label action length should be 300px
  • BM-685 - Rename "Discrete Domain Variable" to "Dropdown List Variable"
  • BM-683 - Admin Overview - move Directory to Security section
  • BM-681 - Explore Example Applications - changes to Bitchecker, etc.
  • BM-680 - Explore Example Applications - create custom provider that doesn't require Subversion
  • BM-679 - FIX: Security-related errors yellow screen even if custom errors are enabled
  • BM-678 - Deployment plans need security added.
  • BM-677 - AppSettings - (Deleting Deployable) Add "this cannot be undone page" for confirmation since it's destructive
  • BM-676 - AppSettings - Don't allow deployables to be deleted from overview page
  • BM-675 - AppSettings - Deployables
  • BM-674 - AppSettings - Allow selection/creation of issue tracking provider on Settings page
  • BM-673 - AppSettings - Remove source control integration tied to deployables
  • BM-672 - AppSettings - Multiple active builds should be an advanced feature
  • BM-663 - Build Schedules - Split into 3 different types - recurring, SCM triggered, URL triggered
  • BM-662 - Build Schedules - Rename to "Automatic Builds"
  • BM-660 - General Usability - No Modals if full page refreshes are required
  • BM-656 - General Usability - Remove "Promotion Note" from Create Build page and Promote Build
  • BM-655 - General Usability - Longer default session time (24 hrs)
  • BM-652 - General Usability - On login, default go to single application (if exists), otherwise system dashboard
  • BM-651 - General Usability - After successful execution, go to Build page
  • BM-649 - General UI - Release Dropdown control
  • BM-648 - General UI - Application Dropdown control
  • BM-647 - General UI - Navigation
  • BM-646 - General UI - Execution History should be under Deployment Plans
  • BM-643 - General UI - Replace small edit/delete icons
  • BM-642 - General UI - Restyle buttons, add gradient
  • BM-641 - Explore Example Apps - Add Approvals, Promotion Requirement(s) Example
  • BM-640 - Explore Example Apps - Add Config files Example
  • BM-639 - Explore Example Apps - Add Database scripts Example
  • BM-638 - Explore Example Apps - Add Create Artifact Example
  • BM-637 - Explore Example Apps - Add Run Unit Tests Example
  • BM-636 - Explore Example Apps - Add Compare Source Example
  • BM-635 - Explore Example Apps - Add Default Actions Example
  • BM-634 - Explore Example Apps - Should explain good/bad practices in app group description
  • BM-633 - Explore Example Apps - Remove precompile step
  • BM-632 - Explore Example Apps - Name should be just "Bitchecker"
  • BM-631 - Explore Example Apps - Add Icons
  • BM-630 - Explore Example Apps - Bitchecker should be most prominent, link to
  • BM-629 - Explore Example Apps - New Source Control Provider and Issue Tracking Provider that only works with Demos
  • BM-628 - Login - Video, Welcome, etc. as gadgets
  • BM-626 - Login - Create BitChecker in Global.asax
  • BM-624 - Login - Activation should be first (popup that occurs on first login, auto over internet w/ "no thanks" option)
  • BM-623 - Login - Remove most stuff from login, move to a "Getting Started" page
  • BM-622 - Login - Button to auto-login with those credentials
  • BM-621 - Login - Note on login page informing user that the admin account is the name from the installer
  • BM-620 - Login - Add login "badge" look with ?-based silhouette
  • BM-619 - Login - Welcome to BuildMaster instead of Login
  • BM-618 - Admin Tool - Clear licensed users from Admin Tool
  • BM-617 - Admin Tool - Add "Create Admin Account" to Admin Tool
  • BM-616 - Installer - On Success page, do a web request to get the web server to startup
  • BM-615 - Installer - "Installer already running" message - reduce false positives
  • BM-614 - Installer - Installation Directories - remove all but target directory
  • BM-613 - Installer - Populate name field with Windows Identity (we grabbed this from your User Account)
  • BM-612 - Installer - First user created based on name entered into the installer?
  • BM-611 - Installer - Select an Edition - more description of editions, either in button or next page
  • BM-610 - Installer - Plain English License agreement
  • BM-609 - Purge application needs updates to handle the new action groups correctly
  • BM-608 - Deployables should now have a type, and no longer be associated to a source control provider or root path
  • BM-607 - Add IClientCommandProvider to SourceControlProviderBase
  • BM-594 - Add Unique Constraint to Build Schedules (AppId, ScheduleName)
  • BM-589 - BuildMaster freezes after selecting a server with an invalid path in Transfer Files
  • BM-586 - Transfer to Server Group icon is wrong
  • BM-579 - Register a JavaScript prompt in case a user navigates away when a warning InfoBox is present after saving an invalid action
  • BM-572 - FIX: Compare Directories Action displays deleted lines as changed
  • BM-464 - Add SSH/SFTP actions
  • BM-463 - Create Default Action Groups
  • BM-444 - Collapsible action groups
  • BM-443 - Drag-and-drop action groups
  • BM-442 - Drag-and-drop actions
  • BM-422 - Implement UI for multiple server actions
  • BM-414 - "Soft Delete" Deployables
  • BM-396 - Improve Role Definitions
  • BM-282 - Search Changes
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 2.6 - Unsupported


  • BM-694 - FIX: Executed Actions For Server Groups Marked With Incorrect Status
  • BM-693 - FIX: Command Line Action Editor errors out if the executable path is rooted
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-606 - Add Not Group Predicate
  • BM-605 - Allow Release Filtering for Build Schedules
  • BM-604 - Link extensions in Extension Gallery to corresponding page on
  • BM-603 - Add "Succeeded (with warnings)" when displaying Build Execution Status
  • BM-601 - Create Release Notes Action Editor should allow excluding issue descriptions
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-600 - FIX: Logging for provider-based actions isn't wired up
  • BM-599 - FIX: Purge application fails if there are existing reports for that application
  • BM-598 - FIX: Installer adds dependency to SQL Server even if it's not installed
  • BM-597 - FIX: Label field in Get Labeled Action is too small
  • BM-596 - FIX: Source Control Action editors should not verify paths if they contain a variable
  • BM-595 - Browsing for anything using Server Groups doesn't work
  • BM-593 - FIX: Purge Application does not delete Build Schedule Variable Values
  • BM-592 - FIX: Deploying configuration file manually to a server group fails
  • BM-591 - Manual configuration file deployment: add checkbox to force current template, allow selection of release number, and display preview of the file
  • BM-588 - Unable to connect to server messages - not very helpful
  • BM-587 - Allow "0" for AgentUpdaterThrottle to not run updates
  • BM-585 - Add a note to Create Deployable indicating that it will be added to active releases
  • BM-584 - NotImplementedException received when deploying artifact (Mono)
  • BM-583 - Add "Install Extensions" To Type Lists
  • BM-582 - Unzip file action should use a source directory
  • BM-581 - FIX: Scheduled URL-triggered builds overview page says buildmaster.localhost regardless of hostname
  • BM-580 - FIX: Timeline control on release details page orders by Build_Number instead of Sortable_Build_Number
  • BM-517 - For command line action, verify that .exe exists on save
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-578 - Automatically check for updates to BuildMaster and Extensions
  • BM-577 - FW: Execution status predicate executes regardless of the actual status
  • BM-576 - FIX: Title for Create New Provider page should be more descriptive
  • BM-575 - FIX: Sidebar is sometimes not clickable in Chrome
  • BM-574 - FIX: BuildMaster Service should not depend on SQL Server if the data source is on another server
  • BM-573 - Add preview page for Compare Files Report
  • BM-571 - FIX: Installer should restart integrated web server service after an upgrade
  • BM-569 - Add Server should give example
  • BM-568 - FIX: Integrated Web Server crashes upon an incomplete download
  • BM-567 - FIX: Server overview and license key pages show Int.MaxValue if unlimited servers are enabled
  • BM-566 - Add notification of new extension updates
  • BM-565 - FIX: Editing a configuration file with improper security privileges throws an exception
  • BM-564 - FIX: Error log Severity shows the logged date instead of the severity
  • BM-563 - FIX: Integrated web server does not immediately restart
  • BM-562 - Add deployables created by New App Wizard to the set-up release
  • BM-561 - Cancel executions when a build is rejected
  • BM-560 - FIX: When Or and Group Approvals, the padding is incorrect
  • BM-559 - FIX: Package Changescripts Action fails when the selected database provider version references an old version of BuildMaster Core
  • BM-558 - FIX: Cannot delete a server if it's referenced in a log
  • BM-557 - Allow Forms Authentication timeout to be configurable within BuildMaster
  • BM-491 - Add check for new version to BuildMaster
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer

BuildMaster 2.5 - Unsupported


  • BM-556 - Create PHPUnit extension
  • BM-555 - Applications_GetApplicationGroups and Applications_DeleteApplicationGroup are not granted the EXECUTE privilege
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-554 - Add ProcessLogs to Provider
  • BM-553 - FeatureLevel Changes
  • BM-552 - Command line actions should log the command they run
  • BM-551 - ANT_HOME variable should be used by Java configurer
  • BM-550 - Add Builds_ViewDebugLogs
  • BM-549 - Remote and ProviderBased-Action Logging Improvements
  • BM-548 - Creating a build schedule with no daily frequency should not be allowed
  • BM-547 - Rewrite Build Schedule Overview Page
  • BM-546 - Extension configurer doesn't show on new actions
  • BM-545 - Installer should direct user to if automatic registration fails
  • BM-544 - Exception when source path does not exist in Transfer Files Action
  • BM-543 - Add Deployables to Create App Page
  • BM-542 - Add release notes to NuGet publishing
  • BM-541 - File Masking doesn't work without a leading * from a root path
  • BM-540 - Label field in Apply Label action is too small
  • BM-539 - Clarify Timeout field in action editor
  • BM-538 - Doc-To-Help Action
  • BM-537 - Clarify Description on the Transfer Files Action
  • BM-536 - Build.NET Application Action Clarification
  • BM-535 - Clarify File Name on Configuration Files
  • BM-534 - Add LASTEXITCODE Variables
  • BM-533 - FogBugz provider doesn't work with versions later than 6
  • BM-532 - Compare files report should have option for only showing changes
  • BM-485 - Error editing deployables
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-531 - Allow extensions to bind to different versions of core
  • BM-529 - Required Approvals page lists approvals for previous environments
  • BM-527 - TFS Workspace Name Should Concatenate Server Name
  • BM-526 - NUnit unit tests don't work on assemblies with dependencies
  • BM-525 - User required approval summary page
  • BM-524 - Verify ChangeScripter exit codes
  • BM-523 - BuildMaster EULA only mentions 45-day trial
  • BM-522 - NuGet Extension
  • BM-521 - Perforce GetLatest/GetLabeled doesn't work with subfolders
  • BM-520 - File diff report is backwards
  • BM-519 - Build .NET action editor doesn't allow you to build a solution file
  • BM-518 - Installer should verify connectivity before requesting a key
  • BM-516 - Installer doesn't recognize new license keys in manual key entry
  • BM-475 - Improve service startup time
  • BM-447 - Allow privileges to be scoped by application group
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-515 - Old notifiers aren't executed when the service starts
  • BM-514 - Application Overview page doesn't show applications that are not in groups
  • BM-513 - Day/Time-based promotion requirement ignores PM
  • BM-512 - When adding and editing triggers, some text refers to the trigger as a notifier
  • BM-511 - Server group actions aren't associated with any deployable after the first server's action has run
  • BM-510 - Remove default release number for freeform releases
  • BM-509 - BuildMaster and application overview pages do not list environments in the correct order
  • BM-508 - Allow Additional Args Passed to MSBuild Build .NET App
  • BM-507 - Approvals Received notifier
  • BM-506 - Branches are not selectable in Surround SCM
  • BM-505 - Auto-create Release
  • BM-504 - Compare Files Action Improvements
  • BM-503 - Predicate: Rollback
  • BM-502 - Verify SCM Triggered Scheduled Build Logic
  • BM-501 - Remove Once from Build Schedules UI
  • BM-500 - Trigger: Approval Requiried
  • BM-499 - Trigger: Publish event details
  • BM-497 - Promotion Requirement: Artifact Inspection
  • BM-496 - Promotion Requirement: Time/Day Limiter
  • BM-495 - NCover doesn't work
  • BM-494 - New License Key Issues
  • BM-428 - DB2 Provider
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-493 - Server Groups should be a Standard feature
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-492 - Breadcrumb on Edit Promotion Requirement page is wrong
  • BM-490 - Reports are only displayed for the last execution
  • BM-489 - Bad license key would not redirect properly to error page
  • BM-488 - Block features based on license key restrictions
  • BM-487 - NCover action description is wrong
  • BM-486 - Connection string creator doesn't load
  • BM-484 - Surround SCM 2011 integration doesn't work
  • BM-470 - jQuery 1.6.1 upgrade
  • BM-469 - Approval Reqd Notifier Fires Early
  • BM-455 - More guidance needed when installing an agent
  • BM-305 - Add configuration file "help section" to config instance edit page
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-483 - Environment Create Error
  • BM-482 - SearchReplaceFilesAction Has bug with FileMasks of "*"
  • BM-481 - Clarify temporary license key option in installer
  • BM-450 - Purge Application Error
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer


  • BM-480 - Integrated mode handles 404s incorrectly
  • BM-479 - NCover reporting action
  • BM-478 - Build .NET App Action Bug
  • BM-477 - Pre-compile Action Editor Improvements
  • BM-476 - Precompile ASP.NET site not working because it relied on GetShortPathName which was removed
  • BM-474 - Wrong modal size for intro video in BuildMaster
  • BM-473 - Remove _T folder from installation packages
  • BM-472 - Fix time zone issues
  • BM-471 - Action group overview page should indicate when actions are inactive
  • BM-468 - FTP Actions don't work
  • BM-467 - Add jQuery 1.6.1 for future fix of PasswordTextBox masking not working on Firefox 4.0 or 5.0
  • BM-466 - Fix yellow screen on generated action editors with configurers
  • BM-465 - The GetPromotionApprovalsByUser view is returning approvals from other applications with the same release and build numbers
  • BM-461 - AlreadyExecutingException error
  • BM-460 - Add configurer link to action editor
  • BM-459 - Drag and drop actions do not reorder the buttons in the right column
  • BM-458 - Modify web.config and dynamic handling to allow BuildMaster to run in both Classic and Integrated mode
  • BM-457 - API doesn't work on Integrated Web Server
  • BM-456 - Add warning on Build Schedules page that tells the user to create a release before any scheduled builds will run.
  • BM-454 - Install to GAC action is broken
  • BM-453 - Update NUnit action editor
  • BM-452 - NUnit action doesn't handle paths with spaces correctly
  • BM-451 - Schedule executer would not handle multiple schedule types for the same application correctly
  • BM-449 - Deleting an environment with active workflow causes error
  • BM-448 - TransferFiles action doesn't work with server groups
  • BM-446 - Ability to restrict usage via license key
  • BM-445 - Differentiate server groups from servers in lists/tables, etc.
  • BM-441 - Enable RoutablePages in Applications
  • BM-440 - AllAdminTasks doesn't include Deleting Providers
  • BM-439 - Express Edition Items
  • BM-438 - Custom Error Pages
  • BM-437 - Investigate Scoping Issues with Admin Privilieges
  • BM-436 - Attempting to delete an environment that is associated with a workflow causes YSOD
  • BM-435 - Approval Only & Limited users do not have the ability to subscribe to notifiers
  • BM-434 - Privileges page does not confirm privilege deletion so you can accidentally delete them
  • BM-433 - Integrated web server only works with full admin privileges
  • BM-432 - Editing a user when the LDAP provider is used sometimes throws a NullReferenceException
  • BM-431 - LDAP provider breaks when a group is returned with an empty samAccountName property value
  • BM-430 - Create CREATE RELEASE NOTES Action
  • BM-429 - Create New Action Group Copies
  • BM-427 - Application Ordering
  • BM-426 - Manual action should be assignable to a group
  • BM-425 - Command-line trigger
  • BM-424 - Integrated web server double chunks responses
  • BM-423 - Feature level application overrides can be created without selecting a specific feature, and then cannot be deleted
  • BM-420 - Spelling Error
  • BM-419 - Server Delete Option
  • BM-409 - License Key 2.0
  • BM-390 - Add more info about extensions in installer
  • BM-372 - Show "merge" warning when saving a version of a configuration file targeted at an older release
  • BM-371 - Deployment plan ordering in the sidebar navigation sorts oddly with multiple workflows
  • BM-330 - Create code signing action
  • BM-205 - FTP Action
  • BM-71 - Deployment Plans Versioning
  • BM-67 - Rebuild the Plan Action/Execution engine
Downloads: Full Installer, Small Installer (without SQL Express), Manual Install, Agent Installer