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Coming in BuildMaster 5.8, you'll see a slightly different LDAP and active directory integration that allows permissions to be granted to users and groups defined in a third-party LDAP directory, or active directory domain forest. Plus two other new features! You can check out the BuildMaster 5.8 Beta page to learn more, or if you're ready to dive right in, you can download the 5.8 beta.

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Featured Case Study: UCHealth uses BuildMaster to scale exponential growth, and customize Epic health care software.

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Automate deployments, coordinate releases, and standardize processes across your entire application suite with integrations for all of your existing tools. Created with teamwork and collaboration in mind, BuildMaster standardizes DevOps best practices and streamlines the release process. Scaling with your organization, BuildMaster allows you to create simple or complex release pipelines as needed.

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