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Challenging, fun, and rewarding. If we had to pick three words to describe the day-to-day at Inedo, those would definitely be it. They're not very exciting words -- in fact, they're pretty bland -- but read on, there's actually some meaning behind it.

  • CHALLENGING - Developing software is challenging, but that's not what we mean. There's a lot that goes into building products -- documentation, testing, sales, support -- and everyone chips in to make it happen. And therein lies the challenge: you need to be able to do new things that you may not enjoy or are even that good at because there's no one else to do them.
  • FUN - We spend a lot of hours working together, and lot of hours in-between having fun. Whether it's lunch at Maya's, a six o'clock scotch, or rooftop cigars, ideas happen all the time: some awesome (ProGet) and some weird (Rubbishsoft). It's a lot of fun, but it's definitely not a typical 9-to-5.
  • REWARDING - As rewarding as it is to have an idea for improvement, implement that idea, and then watch things improve, it's equally disheartening when things get worse. But that's how we learn, and everyone's encouraged -- and expected -- to do more than just resolve issues in our JIRA installation.

If this sounds like a fit for you, check the open positions below.

Open Positions

For our Berea, Ohio offices:

Unique Benefits

We offer all of the standard benefits you'd expect (health care, retirement, etc), and a some you might not. Here are a few of Inedo's more popular benefits:

  • Super Flexibility - no need to ask can I use four hours of my Personal Time Off to go renew my license? Just do what you need do, and make sure you get what you need to get done
  • Random Range Time - when the time seems right, we grab the clubs and head to the driving range; or, on other days, grab the guns and head to the firing range
  • The Scotch Library - over 60 single malts, perfect for the six o'clock Scotch