Professional Services

We put a lot of work into making our products easy to install, intuitive to configure, and a pleasure to use. In fact, most of our customers buy and use our products without ever asking us a single question (support, pricing, or otherwise), let alone request professional services. You don't need to be a configuration management expert, a DevOps guru, or even have any experience in build automation whatsoever to make BuildMaster the centerpiece of your software delivery process.

Why Professional Services?

In addition to being the world's foremost experts on BuildMaster and ProGet, we've been in this field for quite a bit and we've seen what works and what doesn't. We've helped organizations of all sizes automate everything from .NET mega-applications to Java-based Service Oriented Architectures to horrendous legacy applications comprised of ColdFusion, VB6, and C++. Simply put, our team will get you headed in the right direction faster.

Options & Pricing

Obviously the cost for services can vary depending on your specific needs, but here are a few options to give you a general idea:

Single Application Starter4 Hours ($495)

A hands-on, remote session with one of our engineers to:

  • learn about an application's architecture
  • explore its environments and current deployment strategy
  • automate deployment to one of the application's environments
  • advise on further set-up and additional environments
Enterprise Application Automation4 Weeks ($30,000)

An onsite implementation for larger enterprises (50+ developers) where one or more of our engineers will:

  • develop or validate existing automation plans, ensuring support for
    • Build & Deployment Automation
    • Promotion Workflows and Approval Processes
    • Regulatory Compliance (PCI, SOX, HIPPA, FISMA, etc.)
    • Security and Access Controls
    • Configuration and Change Management
  • coordinate with various teams (dev, QA, operations, etc.) to make technical and process changes to support automation
  • work closely with release engineering teams to train and mentor on automation implementation
  • create and execute specific automation plans for key applications
  • develop internal training and processes for integrating new applications into BuildMaster
Enterprise Planning & Training2 Days ($3,600)

An onsite meeting between stakeholders and one of our engineers to:

  • explore the enterprise's application portfolio
  • develop an overall automation strategy
  • create an automation plan for key applications, including
    • process augmentation and improvement
    • overcoming foreseeable technical challenges
    • implementing organizational change
    • training of technical and non-technical personnel
  • implement portions of the plan hand-in-hand with the technical team
Small Team Turnkey Automation1 Week ($7,500)

An onsite implementation for a small team (less than 10) in a nimble organization, where one of our engineers will work mostly self-directed to:

  • explore the team's applications
  • install BuildMaster agents on all appropriate servers
  • make code/solution/configuration changes as needed to support automation
  • configure applications, including database and configuration files within BuildMaster
  • set-up additionally needed components, such a NuGet or Maven server
  • train team on usage and maintenance of the new automation set-up

In general, our daily rate is $1,800 and our weekly is $7,500. Note that costs do not include economy travel expenses from Berea, Ohio.

Next Steps

If you're interested in exploring a professional services engagement with us, please contact us to get started.