Inedo's Sweet Sweet Swag

Inedo Pens

We decided to get a bunch of pens made with our logo on them because we thought the pens were cool. We were right! These pens have a fun little light on them, and a squishy bit you can use as a stylus - which is great for some creative doodling on your phone or tablet. The most important part, the actual pen, glides like a dream across paper. You're sure to love it! All you have to do is fill out the form, and we'll send you a pen! Contact us if you want more than one.

Inedo Hats

As everyone is aware - Winter is Coming, and man does it get cold here in Cleveland! If you're also feeling the cold winter chill, and you're in the market for a new hat, we've got a hat for you! It's a simple, but classic, black hat that is sure to keep your ears warm on even the coldest winter day. To cover those frozen ears, just fill out the form, and a hat will be on its way! Contact us if you're interested in a few.


Everyone loves stickers! So lucky for you we decided to get a whole slew of stickers printed out that are just waiting to be sent somewhere. Fill out this sticker form to recieve a pack of all the stickers we've printed in the last year. This includes ProGet, Inedo, Release, and maybe a few surprises!

Inedo Conference Swag

The conference, it is here that the consummate professional learns the tricks of the trade, gains insight into increased productivity, and networks a web of connections that will propel him to new heights. Yet what is the true goal of any veteran conference-er, the highest achievement that can be gained by the journeying professional?

Why free stuff of course! Precious, precious, swag. Brilliant, and mildly useless trophies to adorn the shelves of cubicles and offices for years to come. Delightful ornaments emblazoned with peeling corporate logos that are the envy of less traveled workmates.

If you have yet to visit us at a conference, fret not: our swag may still be available, and we'll gladly mail it to you.

We've only got two oldies but goodies in our conference swag portfolio as of now, Just in Time Business Cards, and CodeMashup: The Game. Check them out

We also provide some editions of Release! the Game for conferences as well. Contact us if you're interested in any of our swag from the past, present, or future.