Formerly the GitHub extension, only exists for legacy purposes in v5.6.0 installations or later.

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Legacy GitHub Extension

This extension is only for compatibility with Legacy Plans, Legacy Source Control Providers, and Legacy Issue Trackers Providers created with the former GitHub Extension built prior to BuildMaster v5.6. This extension may be deleted when all provider-based actions and issue tracking providers are removed from your installation of BuildMaster.

Going forward, the GitHub extension should be used to create GitHub-specific source control operations e.g. GitHub-GetSource.


11/18/2016 10:23:01 PM
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11/18/2016 8:02:13 PM
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Version Released Requires Version
5.6.1 11/18/2016 BuildMaster 5.6.0 download
5.6.0 11/18/2016 BuildMaster 5.6.0 download

If your installation of BuildMaster can access, simply navigate to Admin > Extensions, and install or update extensions from the gallery.

You can also manually install the extension.

  1. Copy the extension file (GitHubLegacy.bmx) to the Extension Library path (by default, this is c:\BuildMaster\Extensions).
  2. Restart the BuildMaster Service (Admin > Service).
  3. Restart the BuildMaster Web Application (Admin > All Settings > Save).
  4. Verify that the new extension has been loaded (Admin > Extensions)