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Different bonus bills (sent in archival cases) are included for free, for each $50, $75, and $100 purchased.

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Pack of 20 Ones

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Pack of 25 Twos

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50 LOC


Pack of 15 Ones, 5 Twos, 3 Fives, 1 Ten

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Pack of 20 Fives

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100 LOC


Pack of 20 Ones, 10 Twos, 4 Fives, 2 Tens, 1 Twenty

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Pack of 25 Tens

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Pack of 25 Twenties

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500 LOC


50 Ones, 20 Twos, 10 Fives, 8 Tens, 4 Twenties, 2 Fifties, 1 Hundred

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1688 LOC


One of each bill stored in archival cases

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The Book


A leather binder with each denomenation displayed.

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