Otter Roadmap

As a relatively new product, Otter has a long and exciting road ahead. Although the software works great for our users today, we've got a lot of plans to make it even better.

We decide on what changes to make to Otter based on a number of factors, the largest of which is user features requests. If there's anything you think Otter should do — or should do better — please contact us and let us know.

Version 1

The central theme of v1 is disruption. Otter v1 will make your Windows servers a first-class DevOps citizen, and bring visibility of server configuration to everyone in your IT organization, not just those fluent in proprietary, Ruby-based DSLs.

One thing we'll also be working on is content: i.e., extensions and rafts that will provide more operations and integrations with the tools you use. Because Otter has an extensibility/plug-in model, these can be developed side-by-side to the releases of Otter.

Otter 1.6

  • Packages + Servers Visualization - easily see what packages (and the expected/actual versions) are installed on your servers, and navigate to the package repository to see more information about that package
  • BuildMaster/Pipelines Integration - orchestration BuildMaster with operations
  • TBD...

Execution Engine / OtterScript Changes

We've got two new features planned here: global variables (for sharing across asynchronously executing blocks) and locking (to ensure critical sections run exclusively, and not in parallel). See the formal grammar and formal specification for the proposed changes.

Planned Integrations

  • HyperV - spin-up and configure virtual servers
  • AWS - primarily S3, EC2, and RDS extensions
  • Azure - deploy and manage resources on the Azure cloud
  • Docker - build, manage, and deploy containers

Already Released

  • Otter 1.0 - initial, production-ready release
  • Otter 1.1 - Linux/SSH agents, Git-based Rafts
  • Otter 1.2 - infrastructure export, import, and sync
  • Otter 1.3 - Inedo Den, a community and extension portal
  • Otter 1.4 - Agentless Windows servers, variables improvements, OtterScript features, new APIs
  • Otter 1.5 - List and Map Indexers and New extensions

Version 2

Although Otter v2 is a ways off (2018?), but our vision for the release is to get the core Otter software (i.e. not just agents) installed on Linux machines. We currently have ProGet v4 working quite well as a Docker image, so we'll see how that distribution mechanism plays out before starting on v2.