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Feed Clean up

Feed Cleanup

Repository packages/artifacts are generally stored on disk, while much of their metadata is stored in a database for quick access. If there is a mismatch between the metadata the actual package (for example, if someone deletes a file from the storage directory), then undefined behavior can result.

To help prevent issues with incorrect metadata, ProGet verifies the package metadata during a feed cleanup task. By default, these cleanup tasks run in the background once a day, but they can also be invoked directly from the web application.

ProGet also runs a feed's retention rules during cleanup.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks are potentially long-running operations that ProGet occassionally needs to perform in the background. Examples of scheduled tasks include feed cleanup and connector indexing.

A list of all scheduled tasks currently defined is available on the Scheduled Tasks page, which is accessible from the main ProGet administration page. Individual tasks can be rescheduled or completely disabled by clicking the corresponding edit icons. A task can be run immediately by clicking the green play button.

ProGet maintains logs for past executions of scheduled tasks. These logs may be useful in the event of a failure, but normally do not need to be consulted. To view a list of all previous task executions, click the small [view history] link for that task.