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Locked out of ProGet: Resetting the built-in user directory and Admin account

To reset the configured user directory to the built-in directory, and reset the Admin account to the password Admin, a ProGet server administrator must run the following command on the ProGet server:

(proget-installation-directory)\Service> .\ProGet.Service.exe resetadminpassword

Once the user directory and Admin account are reset, the ProGet web application must be restarted. To restart the Integrated Web Server, run the following PowerShell command:


If ProGet is installed to run on IIS, use the Restart-WebAppPool command or recycle it directly in the IIS management UI. By default, the application pool is named ProGetAppPool, but may have been changed by a system administrator during installation.

The next time you visit the ProGet website after running these commands, there may be stale authentication cookies that can be cleared from the corresponding error page in ProGet, (if they are automatically detected) or by simply clearing web browser cookies manually. When testing access to ProGet, make sure to visit the root URL (e.g. https://proget-server/).

The Active Directory (New) user directory is not found/not selectable

The Active Directory (New) user directory is loaded from the InedoCore extension. Visit the extensions page (Administration › Extensions) to verify that the InedoCore extension is loaded on that page.

An instance of the user directory should be visible on the Manage User Directories page (Administration › Change User Directory › Advanced). If there isn't one (e.g. after a reset), click the Add User Directory button and select Active Directory (New). Configure the user directory as detailed in the Advanced Configuration section, and then click Save. This will restore the user directory on the Change User Directory page.

Privileges assigned to the Domain Users group not working

We have had many support inquiries related to the assignment of privileges to the Domain Users group, and privileges not cascading to every user. We do not recommend using this group as a catch all to grant or restrict any privileges.

Integrated Authentication Not Working

The underlying mechanisms for this are handled at the HTTP.SYS layer, which ProGet does not, nor cannot, access. ProGet simply looks for a server variable named LOGON_USER, added by the web server, and uses that if available. The only configuration change you can make to ProGet is to look for that variable, or not; if the variable does not exist, then the issue lies outside of ProGet.

Integrated Windows Authentication is a very complicated mechanism that requires a properly configured client, server, and domain. To summarize the most common IWA set-up (Kerberos Authentication):

  • The web server sends a 401 (unauthorized) response with a specially encrypted HTTP response header
  • The web browser decrypts the header, and sends another request with a special token indicating the user name as a HTTP request header
  • The web server reads this header and contacts the domain controller to verify the client token
  • The web server adds the LOGON_USER variable, strips out the special client token, and sends the modified request to the application software (ProGet) for processing

A lot of things can go wrong in this chain, and describing how to troubleshoot and set-up your network is well beyond the scope of this document and our support. But fortunately, since it’s not at all related to ProGet, there are a myriad of resources for helping debug this; just search Integrated Windows Authentication not working.