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Connectors in ProGet

Connectors allow for the regulation of packages to occur. Without regulation – unrestricted packages can corrupt the software development process and can cause chaos in other aspects of your build, release, deploy process.

ProGet’s simplistic UI provides users with the ability to, at-a-glance, know the status of each connector.

Connectors Health
Generally, connectors are used to manage external – free and open source package – but can also be used for in-house packages such as Development assets and third party vendor packages.

ProGet uses connectors to pull packages from outside repositories. ProGet has the option of maintaining a local cache of the package; this saves time and increases efficiency among commonly used packages and ensures availability during external outages, making your builds more reliable and decreasing possible downtime.

Connector Filters

License filtering occurs through connectors, ensuring enterprise security needs are met. They can be set to restrict by license or by package license URL. Package filtering leverages ProGet to help implement policies and standards to meet organizational requirements.

By specifying a connector filter, you can blacklist or whitelist packages from a connector that matches a simple mask.

Note: The License Filtering feature has been expanded as of ProGet 4.7, to learn more check out the dedicated License Filtering Documentation.


A connector filter is configured on the “create” or “edit” connector page for the appropriate feed. On this page, a multi-line text box lists all of the connector filters currently in effect; each line of the text box is a separate filter.


Individual filters are composed of any characters, and optionally * characters as wildcards. A filter that starts with a ! is considered a blacklist filter and will exclude all results that match whatever follows the ! character.

Connectors Health