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Chocolatey Feeds in ProGet

Chocolatey is machine level packages built for windows. A Chocolatey feed in ProGet acts as a repository for Chocolatey packages. Typically, these packages are consumed from Visual Studio or a command-line client such as NuGet.exe. They can also be browsed and managed from ProGet's web application.

Chocolatey Feed Configuration

A Chocolatey feed may be configured from the Feed Administration page by clicking on the Edit Properties button. Following is a description of the options available.

Feed Name

The feed name uniquely identifies the feed in ProGet. The feed name will also be used as part of the NuGet package source URL for the feed, so it is best to avoid characters that must be URL encoded, since users may need to type this URL in manually when configuring NuGet.

Feed Description

The feed description is optional, and is not used by ProGet at all. It is merely displayed on the feed page and can contain any text.

Feed Type

A Chocolatey feed may be set to a feed subtype: Chocolatey. Chocolatey uses the same API and storage mechanisms as NuGet, so this only affects how a few parts of the ProGet web UI are displayed. It's recommended, but not required, to set this to the appropriate value for the packages that you intend to store in the feed.

Disk Path Override

By default, ProGet stores feed packages in a central location on disk. If you would like to store this feed's packages in a different location, specify it here.

Note: Changing this value will not move existing packages already in the feed.

Bulk Import Drop Path

If set, ProGet will periodically scan this path for packages to import into the feed. Each package that is successfully imported will then be deleted from this path. This is useful for a one-time import of lots of packages, or as a target for a build tool that produces a Chocolatey package. Note that a bulk import is intended only for importing new packages, and will not overwrite packages.

Chocolatey API Key

If set, specifies the NuGet API key that is required to be supplied for pushing packages to this feed using the NuGet client. See the NuGet API Keys section for additional information about how the API key relates to authentication.

Options: Active

When set, the feed is considered active. Feeds that are active can be used and browsed using the web interface. A feed that is not active will be unavailable and hidden from the UI everywhere except for in the feed administration section.

Options: Cache Packages

When set, every time a package is requested that ProGet has to fetch from a remote connector, a copy of that package is saved on the ProGet server, so that future requests will be faster.

Options: Enable Symbol and Source Server

When set, ProGet will scan Chocolatey packages for .pdb files and make them available as a symbol server at the /symbols/[FeedName] URL. See the Symbol Server section for additional information.

Options: Automatically Strip PDB files

When set, ProGet will not include .pdb files when packages are downloaded. This is normally only useful when used in conjunction with the symbol server.