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A Docker feed in ProGet acts as a private registry for an organization's internal Docker images.

Docker Feed Limitations

Docker feeds are fundamentally different from other ProGet feed types. Docker feeds do not have any concept of packages. Instead, Docker works with repositories and images. A Docker feed contains multiple repositories, and each repository can contain one or more images. Images themselves are identified either by a hash, or a more friendly tag.

Docker feeds also are not intended for use with anything except the Docker client. Images cannot be manually created or uploaded, although they can be deleted, and some metadata can be edited from within ProGet.

Connectors cannot be used with Docker feeds. Since the Docker client uses the server name itself as its mechanism for identifiying when to use a private registry, there is no meaningful way to allow the transparent use of connectors as in other ProGet feed types.

To learn more about Docker feeds, please visit this Knowledge Base article.