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Maven Feeds in ProGet

Maven is an open source Java based build tool. A Maven feed is a repository for Maven packages hosted in ProGet. These packages are accessible using maven and IDEs such as NetBeans, and are also browsable from the ProGet web application.

Connectors to external Maven repositories need to be indexed before they can be used within ProGet. By default, indexing happens daily before 6:00am. To index immediately or check the status of recent indexing operations, see the scheduled tasks page.

Maven Feed Configuration

A Maven feed may be configured from the Feed Administration page by clicking on the Edit Properties button. Following is a description of the options available.

Feed Name

The feed name uniquely identifies the feed in ProGet. The feed name will also be used as part of the Maven repository URL for the feed.

Feed Description

The feed description is optional, and is not used by ProGet at all. It is merely displayed on the feed page and can contain any text.

Options: Active

When set, the feed is considered active. Feeds that are active can be used and browsed using the web interface. A feed that is not active will be unavailable and hidden from the UI everywhere except for in the feed administration section.

Options: Cache Packages

When set, every time an artifact is requested that ProGet has to fetch from a remote connector, a copy of that artifact is saved on the ProGet server, so that future requests will be faster.