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NuGet Feeds in ProGet

A NuGet feed in ProGet acts as a repository for NuGet packages. Typically, these packages are consumed from Visual Studio or a command-line client such as NuGet.exe. They can also be browsed and managed from ProGet's web application

NuGet-Specific Feed Configuration

NuGet API Key

If set, specifies the NuGet API key that is required to be supplied for pushing packages to this feed using the NuGet client. See the NuGet API Keys section for additional information about how the API key relates to authentication.

Enable Symbol and Source Server

When set, ProGet will scan NuGet packages for .pdb files and make them available as a symbol server at the /symbols/[FeedName] URL. See the Symbol Server section for additional information.

Automatically Strip PDB files

When set, ProGet will not include .pdb files when packages are downloaded. This setting is ignored when the symbol server is disabled.

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