ProGet Documentation


ProGet can act like a repository for all of your critical PowerShell scripts and modules. This allows you to host them in one central location along with all your other critical artifacts for software development.

The PowerShell feed type allows users to seamlessly connect to PowerShell Gallery and your host PowerShell modules and scripts locally, thereby increasing reliability and providing the same consistency of other feeds across all important assets. You're able to manage your PowerShell assets as simply as you develop them.

PowerShell Feed Configuration

PowerShell feeds are configured in the same manner as NuGet feeds. From the feeds tab, you are able to select Create New Feed and select the PowerShell feed type. This will allow you to connect to PowerShell Gallery and add PowerShellGet packages to ProGet.

PowerShell Feed

Because your PowerShell packages are hosted in ProGet as a feed, you can use connectors and retention policies as you would with any other feed. This gives you the flexibility to have a local cache and set feed specific restrictions and permissions. If you wish to have a local cache of your PowerShellGet packages, you'll need to configure a feed connector. This can be done by creating a connector from the connector tab.

PowerShell Connector