Multiple Feeds

Although a feed is easily searchable and may contain thousands upon thousands of packages, there are certain instances where having multiple separate feeds is desired:

  • Environment-specific Feeds – a feed can be created for each stage of testing (Integration, Testing, Production), and a package may be promoted to these environments as part of the testing/quality process
  • Different Repositories – NuGet, Chocolatey, npm, for example.
  • Privilege Segregation – because feeds have their own privileges and keys, package downloading and publishing permissions can be different  for different groups on different feeds
  • Public and Non-Public – multiple feeds can expose some packages to public (such as an SDK), while keeping other packages (such as a framework) in-house

As feeds are designed to be isolated from each other, each feed has its own packages, connector, key, and URL.

Creating an Additional Feed

If there's only one feed in ProGet, the "Feeds" link will take you to the feed overview page of the single feed in ProGet. To create a second feed, click on the "feeds overview page" link at the bottom of that page.