ProGet Documentation

Getting Started with ProGet

What is ProGet

Consistency, continuity, compliance – all in one centralized universal package manager with ProGet. ProGet servers as the organization central repository, allowing the enterprise to store all your important asset in one place. ProGet is a critical stepping stone in building more reliable software and adopting DevOps best practices.

ProGet supports not only in-house package, but a growing list of external repositories including NuGet, npm, Bower, and Maven.

How can I get started?

ProGet is a powerful – important tool that isn’t overly complicated. Its simplistic design is easy-to-use from setup to implementation and provides consistency and compliance across the enterprise.

1. Download and Install ProGet

You can get started by downloading the latest version of ProGet.

2. Check out the Tutorial

ProGet is easy-to-use and intuitive but we’ve outlined a few steps to Getting Started with ProGet.