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I am having an issue trying to create a feed to

Once the feed is set up and i provide credentials in the connector url, I have no available packages.

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.6

Once a connector is added, it needs to be indexed; you can check the status of this index job on the ADmin > Tasks page, and also find any errors that occurred.

Hi Alana,

This is what I see in the log of the index:

DEBUG: Getting metadata from

Error: processing JSON: System.Exception: Expected StartArray token.
at Inedo.ProGet.ScheduledTasks.Npm.IncrementalNpmConnectorIndexScheduledTask.<IndexConnectorAsync>d__1.MoveNext()

So in this case, the URL you have entered into the connector is not returning JSON. Hence the error about a bad start token. It could be the wrong URL, it could be an authentication error form Telerik, or even a proxy server on your end that's blocking it.

I get a different result almost each time I check the index, however I still am not seeing any packages in the feed. Here is the newest result

3/21/2017 12:42:27 AM
DEBUG: Getting metadata from
DEBUG: Finished downloading metadata. Indexing packages...

So, it appears the connector works then, but there's probably no packages to index. This is because telerik uses scoped packages.

Unfortunately, the npm API does not support listing or searching scoped packages at all. That is to say, there is simply no way for us to ask that API endpoint at telerik what packages exist there. So, this is by design… albeit a poor one by npm.

You will find the same is the case if you try to search for a scoped package on, for example this one:

So, in this case, you won't be able to find telerik packages in a search or from the UI. You can only know the exact name.

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