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I have a simple configuration set up in a role to detect on 12 servers whether or not a file exists. I've tried this both with a PSEnsure and the Otter Ensure File. The results of the routine drift detection from the role are always inconsistent and I almost never see the full results for all servers. Sometimes 4 servers will display as current, and then upon hitting the "Check Configuration" button for that role again then only 2 or 3 will be current. (Numbers aren't consistent)

The only time I get the full list of results, for all 12 servers, is when I run the remediate task for the role. For whatever reason the routine checker doesn't seem to display consistent results.

Am I missing something obvious?

Product: Otter
Version: 1.6.1

What you're doing sounds very simple and is of course a regular basic usage.

However I can't speculate as to what could cause it without seeing details; there are some fairly complicated edgecases that you could be triggering, or it could even be caused through use of nondeterministic variables. Or it could be a bug that somehow impacted your particular configuration.

Let's transfer this to a support ticket, so we can attach files and get a little faster response time from support team. If anything of note happens, then let's summarize our back-and-forth as another post on this Q&A forum.

Hi Guys,

Did you get a result for this?

Im doing a similar thing in terms of simple configuration plans (in some cases just ensuring the status of a folder on a drive) and while the execution log shows that it runs fine, the results in the server list do not show me the status of every server. If I run the different plans for each role independently, only the results of the last run are available.



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