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One error we got quite often, but not always, btw: we are pushing packages during our TFS(xaml) builds, the build service runs as domain user:

Invoke NuGet push error: Failed to process request. 'There was an error processing the request: The process cannot access the file 'C:\ProgramData\ProGet\Packages.nugetv2\F1\Upper.MapProject.Newsletter.Module\Upper.MapProject.Newsletter.Module.1.6.nupkg' because it is being used by another process.'.

Invoke NuGet push error: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error..

Any ideas?

Any ideas we are pushing the packages via nuget.exe push…. so I don’t know which process is also using the file mentioned above.

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.3


Using 5.6.1 (Build 3)

I'm having trouble specifying the parameters of Ensure-AppPool that are of type TypeSpan.

If I use simple integers then I get the following error: Timespan value must be between 00:00:00 and 1.00:00:00 seconds inclusive, with a granularity of 60 seconds

If I use the format shown in the error message above then I get the following error message: Cannot convert value "00:05:00" to TimeSpan type.

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.6.1



I have been attempting to use the proget docker feed, I have managed to Login:

docker login

Username: Admin

Password: Admin

That works fine.

I tag my image, but then when I push:

docker push

I get the following response:

850772db4c8b: Preparing

5f70bf18a086: Preparing

d061ee1340ec: Preparing

d511ed9e12e1: Preparing

091abc5148e4: Preparing

b26122d57afa: Preparing

37ee47034d9b: Preparing

528c8710fd95: Preparing

1154ba695078: Preparing

no basic auth credentials

I have updated the docker daemon config so it does not require SLL, I have removed wincred from the docker config.json file and bypassed proxy setting for that ipaddress.
Is there anything else i need to configure on the proget server for this to work?

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.4



your installer ProGetSetup4.5.4_SQLExpress.exe contains suspicious files (bmdbupdate.exe) according to Avira. A generic signature named "TR/Dropper.Gen" is found. Please fix.

Best regards,

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.4



What is the largest Nuget package size proget can handle? Through Nuget push and Proget pickup?

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.3


When register a bower package with this command:

bower register sample_bower_package

I got the following error:

bower EUNKNOWN Unknown error: 401 - You must supply credentials to perform this action.

How do I supply credentials to proGet bower feed?

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.3


I have migrate my proget from a machine without to a new one with IIS.

I have backed up my database, and restore in the new one.
I copy my packages to the new server under same folder tree.

My problem its i have a connector return an error:

There is no page or resource at the URL you requested: /NuPeek/nuget

In older server this works fine.

And some packages return http error 500 reporting a different physical path.

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.1


when pushing package to proget
get error

The server returned an error (401): <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.5.3


I receive the following error when I click the Add Task button.

Image Text

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.3


I want to pull down all packages in a feed, and am attempting to use the SDK. I can not find a method to download a specific nuget package from a feed (I actually want download all of them)

Any help or pointers will be much appreciated

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.3


It seems that everytime a package is accessed, the following error is thrown. We're running the latest version of ProGet.

Logged: 17/11/2016 13:55:25
Level: Error
Category: HTTP
Message: An error occurred in the web application: Server cannot set status after HTTP headers have been sent.
Referrer: (not set)
User Agent: docker/1.12.3 go/go1.6.3 git-commit/6b644ec kernel/4.4.27-boot2docker os/linux arch/amd64 UpstreamClient(Docker-Client/1.12.3 (darwin))
Stack trace: at System.Web.HttpResponse.set_StatusCode(Int32 value)
at Inedo.ProGet.WebApplication.SimpleHandlers.Docker.DockerHandler.WriteError(HttpContext context, DockerException error)
at Inedo.ProGet.WebApplication.SimpleHandlers.Docker.DockerHandler.<ProcessRequestAsync>d__4.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task)
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
at System.Web.TaskAsyncHelper.EndTask(IAsyncResult ar)
at System.Web.HttpApplication.CallHandlerExecutionStep.OnAsyncHandlerCompletion(IAsyncResult ar)

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.3


Hi Guys,

I have an application that uses a MS Access database, and as part of its deployment i modify one of the values to match the environment using a power shell script.

The problem is that the Jet database provider only functions in the 32 bit version of power shell. To make it work in BM I have to copy the script to the target server, and i initiate another power shell that starts the 32 bit shell and runs the end script.

Is there any way to make this script run natively in BM, by forcing it to call as 32 bit?



Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.5.3


When view configuration The status of the ProGet Package is always Drifted


Not sure if this is a Buildmaster HTTP Post issue or a ProGet API issue.
I've tried several iterations of the HTTP Post to try and promote a package on ProGet.
I've followed everything I can find on both subjects but have been unable to get it to work.

What I'm not sure about is how to enter JSON in the BuildMaster HTTP post function. I've tried TextData and FormData.

The issue I'm having is that I keep getting a 401 unauthorized however I am putting in an API Key that is configured for Promotion API on ProGet.

Here is what I have been trying:

    Post-Http http://progetserver/api/promotions/promote
        ContentType: application/json,
        TextData: key: "API Key entered here", 
            packageName: "Package Name",
            user: "Admin username",
            version: "54.0.0",
            fromFeed: "src feed",
            toFeed: "dest feed",
            comments: "This package promoted by BuildMaster",
        LogRequestData: true,
        LogResponseBody: true

I've also tried it with FormData but that didn't work, which I would expect in this case.

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.5.3


Hi, I successfully installed and started the Docker image and was able to login also but the the Activation Status continues to display the "The license key has not been activated" message even after I've clicked the 'activate' link and a message appears saying 'Activation completed.

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.3


Just starting to dive into the API functionality in BuildMaster.

Am I right in understanding that there's a generic API (like the one here) and a Native API (like the one here)?

  • I tried calling http://<buildmaster>/api/ - which didn't give me anything (just a 404)
  • I tried calling http://<buildmaster>/api/soap - which gave the the SOAP methods (YAY!)
  • But then I tried calling http://<buildmaster>/api/json - which gave me no response at all

Ideally I'd like to be using the generic api (e.g. /api/releases/packages/deploy), which seems to not be found, but failing that the Native JSON api would be good.

Are there any examples of this (request-response sort of examples)? Do I need to enable the JSON API?

Any advice would be appreciated =)

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.3.7


We are using Proget integrated with Active Directory. We are attempting to use integrated security but it isn't working. When we enable the "Enable integrated authentication", we are presented with a popup authentication for integrated security but regardless of if I type a valid or invalid user name/password, I get a 400 error and just get a blank screen. The only way to get back in is to go in the database and manually reset the setting back.

We are using the Web.UseIntegratedWebServer enabled. The Web.UserDirectoryId = 2 although that in itself is a little confusing since we have Built-In, LDAP and Active Directory with Multiple Domains. I believe 2 means to use Active Directory with Multiple Domains. Either way, we have configured the security appropriately for the users attempting to authenticate. Also, Web.LoadBalancingMode is also enabled although I'm not sure that is needed or relevant to this issue.

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.3.1



I've setup a connector to but I am getting an error when installing scoped packages such as @angular/core. Other non-scoped packages are working fine. We are using version 4.5.3 of ProGet. I've attached a snippet from the npm-debug.log:

0 info it worked if it ends with ok
1 verbose cli [ 'C:\\Program Files\\nodejs\\node.exe',
1 verbose cli   'C:\\Users\\davidsimpson\\AppData\\Roaming\\npm\\node_modules\\npm\\bin\\npm-cli.js',
1 verbose cli   'install',
1 verbose cli   '--registry',
1 verbose cli   'http://cap-pkg.coretexa.local:8080/npm/C3-NPM' ]
2 info using npm@3.10.6
3 info using node@v6.7.0
4 silly loadCurrentTree Starting
5 silly install loadCurrentTree
6 silly install readLocalPackageData
7 silly install normalizeTree
8 silly loadCurrentTree Finishing
9 silly loadIdealTree Starting
10 silly install loadIdealTree
11 silly cloneCurrentTree Starting
12 silly install cloneCurrentTreeToIdealTree
13 silly cloneCurrentTree Finishing
14 silly loadShrinkwrap Starting
15 silly install loadShrinkwrap
16 silly loadShrinkwrap Finishing
17 silly loadAllDepsIntoIdealTree Starting
18 silly install loadAllDepsIntoIdealTree
19 silly fetchNamedPackageData @angular/core
20 silly mapToRegistry name @angular/core
21 silly mapToRegistry scope (from package name) @angular
22 verbose mapToRegistry no registry URL found in name for scope @angular
23 silly mapToRegistry using default registry
24 silly mapToRegistry registry http://cap-pkg.coretexa.local:8080/npm/C3-NPM
25 silly mapToRegistry data Result {
25 silly mapToRegistry   raw: '@angular/core',
25 silly mapToRegistry   scope: '@angular',
25 silly mapToRegistry   escapedName: '@angular%2fcore',
25 silly mapToRegistry   name: '@angular/core',
25 silly mapToRegistry   rawSpec: '',
25 silly mapToRegistry   spec: 'latest',
25 silly mapToRegistry   type: 'tag' }
26 silly mapToRegistry uri http://cap-pkg.coretexa.local:8080/npm/C3-NPM/@angular%2fcore
27 verbose request uri http://cap-pkg.coretexa.local:8080/npm/C3-NPM/@angular%2fcore
28 verbose request no auth needed
29 info attempt registry request try #1 at 3:28:39 PM
30 verbose request id 357a40e27039f945
31 http request GET http://cap-pkg.coretexa.local:8080/npm/C3-NPM/@angular%2fcore
32 http 500 http://cap-pkg.coretexa.local:8080/npm/C3-NPM/@angular%2fcore
33 verbose headers { 'cache-control': 'private',
33 verbose headers   'content-length': '80',
33 verbose headers   'content-type': 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
33 verbose headers   server: 'Microsoft-IIS/8.5',
33 verbose headers   'x-aspnet-version': '4.0.30319',
33 verbose headers   'x-powered-by': 'ASP.NET',
33 verbose headers   date: 'Tue, 15 Nov 2016 02:28:39 GMT' }
34 info retry will retry, error on last attempt: Error: ArgumentException String is not a valid semantic version.: npm

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.3


I've successfully uploaded a upack file (1.7GB), but it is not listed in the feed on the web UI.

I can see the package on the ProGet server file system.

D:\WKFS\OneSumXFS>upack.exe push --package=OneSumX_FS_2.0.62060.upack --target=h
ttp://tdc2sql026:9797/upack/Wolters.Kluwer.OneSumX --user=Admin:Admin
Package: :OneSumX_FS
Version: 2.0.62060
:OneSumX_FS 2.0.62060 published!

Using Proget v4.3.1 and upack client v1.0.1

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.3


According to your documentation and a previous question (@v4.2.0) Npm package license filtering does not work! Is this true?

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.5.0

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