The most challenging aspect of adopting DevOps is often organizational, not technical. Even with an incremental approach, a DevOps pilot or proof-of-concept takes valuable time away from the team's already strained processes, and can sometimes becomes a side project for later.

Our service and training partners will be able to assist your team in exploring the emerging trends and technologies in DevOps and Continuous Delivery without losing focus on your actual objectives.

Services are also surprisingly affordable and a pretty easy pill for management to swallow because they can achieve goals quite quickly.

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  • Sycorr is a veteran-owned small business founded in 2010.

    They’re technologists who are passionate about solving problems for banks and credit unions through the multiple products and services they have to offer.


DevOps isn’t just a fad, but the future of software development. Expertise in these matters should be available for firms of all sizes and budgets, and our partners strive to offer different arrangements and packages to suit the various needs our users have. Below you’ll find some of the more popular service types:

2 to 4 hours

Remote Advice
& Training

A hands-on, remote sessions with an engineer to explore a Continuous Delivery strategy, review our products, and assist with a proof-of-concept.

4+ hours/month


A flexible, retainer-based engagement to assist at all levels of Continuous Delivery implementation (from technical to strategic), on-site, remote, or both.

1 day to 4+ weeks

On-site Services
& Workshops

A highly-tailored engagement with a scope of work that can vary from in-depth planning to implementing Continuous Delivery across several teams and applications.

Again, these are just standard offerings, we tailor our outreach for each client. If you aren't seeing something you need, let us know, chances are we can accommodate you.

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We've partnered with firms around the globe that have experience and expertise in helping local organizations transition to DevOps. Our independent service partners are well-versed in many domains & have expertise far beyond simply using our software products.

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We’re always looking for great companies to partner with that not only share our passion for DevOps but also provide great service for our users.

When companies work together to provide better solutions for their clients, everyone wins. That’s why we’ve developed our services & training network: a group of leading technology and services firms providing the solutions, software, and strategies they need to make a difference in their IT Organizations.