Inedo Videos

Our library of short videos explores specific BuildMaster subjects so that you can drill down on your particular topics of interest.

Please Note: some of the content and information in these videos is outdated, but we are currently in the process of updating them.

Introduction to ProGet

A brief introduction to Inedo's ProGet - an enterprise NuGet repository and source/symbol server.

Introduction to BuildMaster

Explore the comprehensive and intuitive approach that BuildMaster employs in automating the entire software build and deployment process giving you Single Click Build-Promote-Deploy-Distribute capability at your fingertip.

More Than Just Tools Webinar

This webinar discusses the ins and outs Continuous Delivery, one of the key challenges we have designed BuildMaster to confront. We were lucky enough to have David Anderson from the Plastic SCM team on board for this one.

BuildMaster and LeanKit Webinar

This webinar reviews some major DevOps themes, specifically highlighting the collaboration benefits of providing teams with a visual, shared context of projects as well as automating deployment processes from source control through production.

Database Change Management

Learn how BuildMaster can automate database changes simply and rigorously enough to ensure database integrity with the same discipline that a DBA would use.

BuildMaster Install Guide

Getting started with BuildMaster is pretty easy, but let us give you a quick run through.

Configuration File Management

Managing configuration files in a typical development environment is a multi-dimensional problem that BuildMaster uniquely solves. See how.

Third Party Library Management

Managing third-party libraries has always presented challenges in software development. See how you can use BuildMaster to create NuGet packages, install packages on a build server, or publish to any NuGet gallery.

Database Change Deployment Done Right

A helpful webinar that reviews some of our thoughts on best practices in Database Change Deployment.