The Inedo VIP Program

Our Goals

Inedo recognizes that innovation, drive and creativity fuels our field. We celebrate those qualities by inviting influential and esteemed members of the technical community to join our Inedo VIP program, with special regard as to how they relate to our focus: automated deployments, and DevOps.

Inedo VIP targets the most active and significant voices in our community, from prominent bloggers, to expert developers, to ground breaking business leaders. They have a strong knowledge base, and are the idea makers that will shape the landscape of tomorrow’s industry. At Inedo we utilize their input and guidance as we refine and shape our own products.

Our Members

The VIP program lets its members use and review Inedo software with the license packages listed to the right. With this access they gain a real understanding of the functionality of our tools, and act as valued members of our Inedo community, especially within a peer to peer support capacity.

VIPS get exclusive first access to Inedo news, and we regularly seek their opinions on the direction we take as we update our products. We also would like to thank our VIPs, who commonly let others know about Inedo at events, user group meetings, blogs, or in a variety of other publications.

Please fill out the form below to nominate a peer, or apply personally to the VIP Program.

VIP Application