Training & Services

From a few hours of remote support, to months of on-site consulting, our services are available worldwide, and covered by a distributed network of certified consultants. We won't shoehorn you into a premade plan, instead; we identify your needs and create a delivery process that is built from your existing foundation.

Inedo's Incremental Approach

As DevOps is quickly evolving to be the industry standard, it's critical to find the most effective way to implement it within your organization. Our Incremental DevOps approach is what we consider a best practice. We lay out a long term, risk-reducing approach to direct the people and processes down the right path towards DevOps and other organizational improvements.

Introducing Code Offsets!

Bad code disrupts our jobs, hides in our homes, and stows away in our cars. It's probably even in your pocket more often than not. So how can we fix this?

We can offset it! Proceeds from Code Offsets go towards coding education for the developers of tomorrow. We may not be able to undo the past, but we can certainly do our part to protect the future.

Cool Stuff For You: Programming Languages ABC++

An alphabet board book that aims to help us share what we do with the kids in our life, and perhaps even spark children's interest in coding. We aren't trying to teach your toddlers to code, that's silly. Our goal is to go about creating a way for software developers to connect with the kids in their life. Sharing a little about what they do, and in a context that the kids will actually enjoy.

From Ada to Zimbu, every letter will highlight a code language with a “Hello World” program for each.

Release! the Game

In the fall of 2014 we made a nerdy card game about developing software. Thanks to some amazing Kickstarter support, it outstripped our humble expectations, and let us know that the rest of the software community loves nerdy games too. So if you have a passion for classic trick taking games, and want to try out a game with unlimited possibilities, snag a pack or two. With over 15 different plug-ins and expansions, we promise you'll never be bored.