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Cool Stuff & Fun Projects

Code Offsets

Like carbon offsets, which aim to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide/greenhouse gases to compensate, or offset emissions made elsewhere, Code Offsets are used to offset bad code that already exists. When you purchase a pack of Code Offsets, the proceeds go to our partner organization, a non-profit that helps promote good code through education.

Programming Languages ABC++

Programming Languages ABC++ is an alphabet book all about coding that's fun for both toddlers and their grown up counterparts. It's not about teaching a baby to make a program, that's silly. It's about creating a way for software developers to connect with the kids in their life. They're able to share a little about what they do, in a context that the kids will actually enjoy.

Release! the Game

We decided to combine our love for card games, with our expansive knowledge about building software, to create a card game everyone, and anyone, could enjoy. Release! was inspired by classic trick-taking games, but with our own twist, and the available plugins and expansions make it possible that each game will be different, every time you play.