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The Book

Programming Languages ABC++ is an alphabet book all about coding that’s fun for both toddlers and their grown up counterparts. It’s not about teaching a baby to make a program, that’s silly. It’s about creating a way for software developers to connect with the kids in their life. Share a little about what they do, in a context that the kids will actually enjoy.

Thanks Dudes

The Authors

Michael and Martine Dowden are geeky parents, and the pursuit of geeky parents everywhere is to thoroughly inundate their children in that geekiness. But how? What they needed was a delivery system; enter Programming Languages ABC++. The book is a combination of their love of illustration, programming, and trivial tidbits, one that assures their children’s inevitable slide into nerddom.

Thanks Dudes

Honorary Editors

For selfless acts of grammar checking, code proofing, and amazing spelling, we bestow the title of honorary editor upon the following:

Mark Goadrich Kai Englebright Tilendor
Chad Long Frederick Rainbird Evi Vanoost
Barry Margolin Mitchell Shuster James Yelbrief
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Behind every nerdy pair of authors is a team of similarly nerdy publishing team. These folks handled the behind the scenes work needed to make this book a reality.

Alex Papadimoulis

Rachel Govert (illustrator)

Patrick Roach