Our little bug is munching on macintosh apple.

Not always bright yellow, a computer bus is a system that moves data. This one is full of ‘icon’ic animals like the Firefox, Tux the Penguin, and the Hadoop Elephant.

Browser cookies taste significantly less delicious than real ones.

If you remember 3 and 1/2 inch floppies, you are probably too old for this book.

If you are on a Windows machine, you might be using an explorer right now. Yours doesn’t have a cool hat though.

The Bug is using semaphore flags, which is a shout out to some important constructs for access control.

Gopher was a famous search engine, from back before Google or Yahoo.

Honeypots are a technique that web developers can verify their users aren’t robots. They are clever, yes, but tasty as real honey? No.

If you are a cool web dev, you know that ‘ice’ is a way to describe content placement on a page.

Poor little Bug is wired from a double shot of that Java.

Keys open locks in real life, and unlock codes in cryptography.

LAMP is a popular software stack for web apps.

This one should click pretty easily for you.

If you weren’t on the interNET you’d have a hard time seeing this hint.

The Bug is singing in an opera, and probably more than a few of you are using an Opera browser to check out our site.

We aren’t so wrapped up in Perl that we forgot about Python, another famous language.

This line of patient bugs is a call out to a queue, a software data structure.

Ruby is a gem of a language, we had to use it twice.

When code is sloppy we call it spaghetti, when your dinner is spaghetti we call it pasta.

When all you have is a swatter, every problem starts to look like a Bug.

A not so subtle nod to our friends at the TDWTF’s very subtle easter egg.

Poor Bug has a virus, hopefully it’s not too contagious otherwise you might have to reformat.

A good number of you are probably using Windows right now.

Xerox was the first creator of a visual OS. The Bug is definitely not the first creator of a butt copy.

This yak looks a little different from YACC, a compiler compiler.

Zipping files makes them smaller, zipping the Bug makes it warmer.

Up High!