DevOps is all about people and communication. That philosophy has been stated countless times in a whole lot of different ways; we've even been guilty of saying it a time or two. But it's true, that's why it gets said over and over again.

Finding the right mix of communication tools and techniques that fit your team's needs and predilections can be the difference between implementing a successful DevOps shop and not.

Here at Inedo we may not use all of the techniques that are outlined in, 5 Team Skills That Make DevOps a Success by Jan Schilt, but we can see how any could be useful with the right group and setting.

If you're exploring DevOps, or even if you already have a setup running, it's worth taking a look at this short article. Communication is key, and there are always new methods to try! Even if they don't work for you, they often offer insights into ways to make your current workflows better.