A fresh look for 2018!

As some of you have probably already noticed, Inedo looks a little different!

With three new additions to the Inedo product suite, and more on the way, we decided it was high time for a full brand refresh. We worked together as a team to ensure our new branding was in line with our goals going into 2018, and to portray a cohesive vision of what Inedo represents both now, and in the future.

We started with just one product, BuildMaster, but as we've grown as a company, our product offerings have grown as well. With each additional product, our logos have gone through some interesting phases; look at BuildMaster's Roadmap for a trip down memory lane. Of course, we look back on our history fondly, but we aren't the same company we were five years ago, or even one year ago, and it was time to modernize.

The most recent issue we had with our branding was the disconnect between our logos. We were able to temporarily hack together a fix in the last generation by adding a circle around all the product logos, unifying them with a consistent shape. However, with three new products releasing in 2018, throwing together additional logos didn't convey the right message. You probably saw our hacking attempts with the beta logos back in 2017. We decided to start back at square one, in order to really consider our company direction, our product story, and how our logos should convey our brand.


Packages have become a unifying concept across our products, and DevOps toolchains alike, because they are built once and deployed consistently across environments. This means everyone can be certain that what goes to production is exactly what was built and tested.

With this we found our jumping off point: we wanted our logos to illustrate how packages impacted, worked with, or were used by each of our products, and our company; and then translate that into the Inedo brand.

The Logos

This brings us to our final results!

We decided to take our package icon and morph it into the soul of our brand, starting with the company logo. Not only does this represent a package, but also our growth, product maturity, and the ability of our tools to work with one another.

Next are the individual product logos:

To create each product's hexagon logo, we built off the same package icon from above, and then iterated.

The logos originate from each product's capabilities, while still conveying a sense of cohesion among the entire product suite. For example, we had fun experimenting with ProGet, whose foundation is Packaging your Applications and Components, until we finally reached the perfect visualization. You can see below the many concepts it took to reach our final logo.

The direction for our brand refresh exemplifies the Inedo vision, and will grow with us as we continue to expand the Inedo product suite. We're excited for all of you to see what's in store for Inedo in the next few years!