Birds of a feather: DSC and Otter Together

You may have heard that Inedo is pairing up with Solutions Architect Mark Johnson for a webinar this month, How to provision Windows servers and manage their configuration with PowerShell DSC and Otter.

PowerShell DSC and Otter work together to ensure servers are in the desired state. DSC is the Microsoft-backed standard for configuring Windows servers, and has over 200 modules on Otter works with all existing DSC content, supports a variety of package types, and allows you to visually organize your servers by environments and roles. Using the two together is the gold standard for Windows server configuration management.

With the large number of third-party PowerShell DSC modules and resources available, ensuring all systems and servers have the same version of these resources becomes complicated. But with Otter you can install and manage all aspects of your DSC scripts, resources, and modules, from installing, to enacting complex configurations, to remediating drift. You can also orchestrate your DSC scripts without the hassle of messing around with DSC settings (i.e. LCM, WinRM etc). By leveraging the expressive capabilities of Otter, and the ubiquity of PowerShell DSC tooling, you can exponentially scale your ability to manage heterogeneous servers, systems, and environments.

Join Mark from Silika Technologies, veteran DevOps practitioner and longtime user of Otter and DSC, for a live webinar to discover why using this duo together can simplify and facilitate your configuration management.

In this webinar you will learn how to use Otter to:

  • Provision 3rd party DSC modules
  • Use your own custom DSC scripts and resources
  • Enact DSC scripts and resources on multiple servers
  • Use Git to automatically update servers
  • Visualize DSC configuration across multiple systems

Register to join us on Thursday July 19 at 2pm EST at

Even if you can't make it the day of, you'll receive an email with the recording post-webinar to watch at your leisure.