BuildMaster 3.5.9 Has Been Released

We just shipped BuildMaster 3.5.9. It's a maintenance release of BuildMaster 3.5 which means that there is minimal risk to upgrading from an earlier 3.5. However, if you're planning to upgrade from a version prior to 3.5, make sure to read the appropriate upgrade notes.

To install or upgrade, simply download BuildMaster and run the installer.

Here's what we changed between 3.5.8 and 3.5.9:

  • BM-1105 - BuildMaster service should be created as Delayed Start when possible
  • BM-1104 - FIX: Dart licenses not being added to TCP agent service
  • BM-1101 - FIX: SlimPlanActionExecuter may omit return value from remote commands run at exactly the same time
  • BM-1100 - FIX: Wrap installer user-creation in a transaction to prevent issues when an exception occurs
  • BM-1099 - FIX: Error on users page when a username has an apostrophe
  • BM-1098 - FIX: Add server to BuildMaster link on Windows Agent Installation page assumes SOAP agent
  • BM-1097 - FIX: Individual actions should be able to be deprecated in extensions
  • BM-1096 - FIX: Server overview page should hide delete button for the BuildMaster server
  • BM-1093 - Sleep action should allow non-numeric input (for variables)
  • BM-1092 - Clarify daily frequency for scheduled automatic builds
  • BM-1091 - FIX: Overridden action group description for a shared action group does not appear in box when editing a group that has a description
  • BM-1088 - FIX: Clean (non-upgrade) install should remove old license keys from existing database
  • BM-1087 - Improve error message when database connection fails
  • BM-1086 - FIX: Calendar Table Issues for Certain Locales
  • BM-1085 - Create Artifact Action should transfer directly from the agent if the artifacts path is a network share
  • BM-1082 - Admin tool should be code signed
  • BM-1080 - FIX: Installer Next button is never enabled after a DB connection test fails
  • BM-1079 - API: Add Method Releases_PurgeRelease
  • BM-1074 - FIX: Notifiers are not sent if the last action group in a plan is not run due to a predicate
  • BM-1073 - Improve error message when using a provider without the required interface
  • BM-744 - FIX: Target date field on release page should be optional and default to not specified

To learn more about how we distinguish between major, minor, and maintenance releases, make sure to check out KB#1059 - When should I update?