BuildMaster 3.6 Beta Released

Now before you upgrade, please note that ...

BuildMaster 3.6.0 is a beta release.

That said, our beta releases are quite stable (we use them internally), and we do support users who choose to upgrade sooner.

To install or upgrade, simply download BuildMaster and run the installer.

Make sure to check out the BuildMaster 3.6 Overview to learn what's in this beta, and what will be coming. Here are the specific items we changed in this beta:

  • BM-1119 - Tweak Build/Restore Database Actions for logging/file pathing consistency
  • BM-1118 - Add filter for Servers page to filter by server/group, status, environment, and agent type
  • BM-1117 - Add release name to all applications overview page
  • BM-1115 - SDK: Add AddBuildMasterVariablesAsEnvironmentVariables to CommandLineActionBase
  • BM-1114 - FIX: TCP Agent Should Pass Environment Variables on Process Executer
  • BM-1113 - Add Purge Artifacts Trigger (from BuildMasterBeta)
  • BM-1112 - Add Auto-promote Build Trigger (from BuildMasterBeta)
  • BM-1111 - Generic extension editor should use component model attributes
  • BM-1110 - Sortable release numbering should not be calculated on-the-fly and should be created along with the release
  • BM-1109 - FIX: Deployment History page very slow to load for 10,000+ executions
  • BM-1108 - FIX: Currency Display for Turkish Locale
  • BM-1103 - Add IFileOperationsExecuter.DirectoryExists method
  • BM-1083 - FIX: Welcome box not displayed on Login page when Javascript is disabled
  • BM-1068 - Creating old release numbers should be prohibited
  • BM-1057 - Build/Promote Actions Should Allow/Use Application Groups
  • BM-1056 - Combine Buttons on Server Page
  • BM-1055 - Rename "Change Read-Only" Action to "Set File Attributes"
  • BM-1052 - Change Update Notices to be Release-based instead of Time-based
  • BM-69 - Rebuild the Variables Engine

To learn more about how we distinguish between major, minor, and maintenance releases, make sure to check out KB#1059 - When should I update?