BuildMaster 4.2 Beta Released

Now before you upgrade, please note that ...

BuildMaster 4.2.0 is a beta release.

That said, our beta releases are quite stable (we use them internally), and we do support users who choose to upgrade sooner.

To install or upgrade, simply download BuildMaster and run the installer.

Make sure to check out the BuildMaster 4.2 Overview to learn what's in this beta, and what will be coming. Here are the specific items we changed in this beta:

  • BM-1434 - Improved dropdown for provider-based actions
  • BM-1433 - Improve performance for editing large deployment plans
  • BM-1432 - Automatic BuildMaster registration in agent installer
  • BM-1431 - Automatic Windows agent type detection for new servers
  • BM-1430 - New $variable syntax for applications
  • BM-1429 - Add Create New Release action
  • BM-1421 - Add classes for providing a more detailed action description
  • BM-1420 - Improve support for cancellation of remote commands
  • BM-1419 - FIX: Unit Test Results page does not convert test start and end times to UTC correctly
  • BM-1417 - FIX: System Overview Active Releases gadget displays incorrect build number for environment (uses what appears to be furthest bld #, but correct exec time)
  • BM-1416 - Increased robustness for provider proxies
  • BM-1415 - FIX: Copying or linking an action group when there is only a single deployable in an application will incorrectly associate the new group with "all deployables"
  • BM-1414 - Imported deployment plans should retain linked groups
  • BM-1412 - Describe what is copied on clone application page
  • BM-1410 - FIX: Import/Export deployment plan button is displayed even without privileges to use it
  • BM-1409 - FIX: Automatic activation of existing license key on new install does not work
  • BM-1408 - For selection of deployable when adding a change script if application has multiple deployables
  • BM-1406 - FIX: Application navigation bar should not appear on all applications page
  • BM-1405 - FIX: Actions that succeed after a number of retries can still mark an execution as failed
  • BM-1404 - Workflow details and policies should be ordered the same on the edit page as they are on the overview page
  • BM-1403 - FIX: Hidden items in application navigation menu will duplicate borders even if the menu options are missing
  • BM-1402 - FIX: Edit built in user page always selects all groups
  • BM-1401 - INSTALLER: Allow period character in the database name from a manually-entered connection string
  • BM-1399 - Automatically create working directory for execute command line action if necessary
  • BM-1396 - Show environment heading on application overview page
  • BM-1395 - Change action server picker to server selector used in transfer files action
  • BM-1392 - Re-align "Update All Extensions" button
  • BM-1386 - FIX: Move add action hover menu up by one pixel
  • BM-1351 - Add link to LDAP documentation on LDAP config page
  • BM-1211 - Inheritable servers for actions and action groups

To learn more about how we distinguish between major, minor, and maintenance releases, make sure to check out KB#1059 - When should I update?