BuildMaster 4.4.2 Has Been Released

We just shipped BuildMaster 4.4.2. It's a maintenance release of BuildMaster 4.4 which means that there is minimal risk to upgrading from an earlier 4.4. However, if you're planning to upgrade from a version prior to 4.4, make sure to read the appropriate upgrade notes.

To install or upgrade, simply download BuildMaster and run the installer.

Here's what we changed between 4.4.1 and 4.4.2:

  • BM-1573 - FIX: Source control picker does not show the window used to select a source control path on the SCM-triggered build page
  • BM-1572 - FIX: Action groups without a name cannot be expanded on the Execution Details page
  • BM-1570 - FIX: Re-executing a promotion may result in a null variable name or value
  • BM-1569 - FIX: Clicking on Builds button on navigation bar has odd behavior when there are no active builds
  • BM-1568 - FIX: Build importer errors do not always fail the execution
  • BM-1566 - Inactive workflows should be a separate section on the global workflows page
  • BM-1565 - FIX: Re-execute from last failed action does not always import last execution's variable values
  • BM-1564 - FIX: Re-execute from last failed action does not work if deployment plan uses no servers
  • BM-1563 - FIX: Scheduled promotion executer is only triggered if an auto-promotion execution completes
  • BM-1548 - FIX: Change control environment ordering does not honor workflow ordering
  • BM-1502 - FIX: Extension configurers can't be deleted if they are used somewhere in a deployment plan

To learn more about how we distinguish between major, minor, and maintenance releases, make sure to check out KB#1059 - When should I update?