BuildMaster 4.9.6 Has Been Released

We just shipped BuildMaster 4.9.6. It's a maintenance release of BuildMaster 4.9 which means that there is minimal risk to upgrading from an earlier 4.9. However, if you're planning to upgrade from a version prior to 4.9, make sure to read the appropriate upgrade notes.

To install or upgrade, simply download BuildMaster and run the installer.

Here's what we changed between 4.9.5 and 4.9.6:

  • BM-1955 - Configuration File Overview page should indicate when there are no deployables configured for an application.
  • BM-1953 - Default encoding for Export Database Change Scripts should be UTF8
  • BM-1954 - "Add Change Script" button should also appear at the top of the page
  • BM-1952 - FIX: Type conversion error when attempting to save Export Database Change Scripts action
  • BM-1951 - FIX: Purge operations fail when there are zombie scheduled promotion records that are not cleaned up properly
  • BM-1950 - FIX: Null reference exception caused by invalid filters in legacy issue tracking providers
  • BM-1949 - FIX: Providers that only expose the newest interfaces for issue trackers that can create and deploy releases may not execute consistently

To learn more about how we distinguish between major, minor, and maintenance releases, make sure to check out KB#1059 - When should I update?