BuildMaster 4.9.7 Has Been Released

We just shipped BuildMaster 4.9.7. It's a maintenance release of BuildMaster 4.9 which means that there is minimal risk to upgrading from an earlier 4.9. However, if you're planning to upgrade from a version prior to 4.9, make sure to read the appropriate upgrade notes.

To install or upgrade, simply download BuildMaster and run the installer.

Here's what we changed between 4.9.6 and 4.9.7:

  • BM-1965 - Update Generate Release Notes Action template to use the v4.X template
  • BM-1964 - FIX: Change script count filter does not respect "all" option
  • BM-1963 - FIX: Executing variable functions with arguments can cause an executer exception in converted OtterScript plans
  • BM-1962 - FIX: $ExpandVariables function does not work in legacy plans
  • BM-1961 - Add "Closed issues only" option to Generate Release Notes Action
  • BM-1960 - Hide servers from Deploy Configuration File page if the ConfigurationFiles_DeployConfigurationFile task is restricted for an environment that contains the specific server
  • BM-1959 - FIX: Add redirect for open tasks
  • BM-1958 - FIX: The error message displayed when adding a change script with a duplicate name should be more clear
  • BM-1957 - FIX: Viewing the details of a synchronized JIRA issue can result in an error page if the description is missing

To learn more about how we distinguish between major, minor, and maintenance releases, make sure to check out KB#1059 - When should I update?