Co-operative Web discovers the striking benefits of BuildMaster from an IT, Linux perspective.

An automation tool can prove to be a real asset for IT professionals specializing in Linux. As these folks are most concerned with infrastructure and maintaining its configuration, an automation tool can make their day-to-day tasks more manageable, and their deployments more reliable.

The team using BuildMaster at Co-operative Web is one of our many IT-side users. Learn why Co-Operative Web chooses to use BuildMaster with its Linux Infrastructure.

Co-operative Web's Challenge:

Like many firms coming of age in today's world of technology, manual deployments were simply a reality of deploying software. If one needed to make a configuration change, one would manually ftp the files up the server, execute the Puppet scripts, etc. If something went wrong, one would have to edit the files again and copy it back up.

Furthermore, most development in the organization is done in PHP via "virtual boxes" on laptops. Developers pushed their code directly to Git, and copied Git to live Linux servers, which according to our user David Eaton, this is neither convenient, nor easy. In fact, it's a pain. In his own words, "these tasks were repetitive, time consuming, and not good for morale."

As the business continued to evolve and grow, the search for automation became essential.