The Man Behind the Face

If Babbage is the father of computing, Cray is the father of supercomputing. His designs not only created the fastest computers of his time, but redefined what a computer could actually be used for. At the time, most of his competition focused on increasing processor speed, whereas Cray took a broader approach by pushing all elements of his computers to function faster.

Pictured on the back of the 50 LOC Code Offset Bill, the Cray 1 was one of the most successful supercomputers ever built. Additionally, we hold it as one of the damn coolest looking computers ever.

Check out Seymour Cray's Wikipedia page for a thorough description of his accomplishments and contributions.

Also, shout out to the Computer History Museum for giving us access to a high resolution image of Seymour to use for our bills. You guys rock!

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