Developer on Fire

Developer On Fire is a podcast showcasing interesting guests in the software industry. The focus of the podcast is how these professionals deliver value to their clients. Last episode, that interesting guest was our very own Alex Papadimoulis, CEO and founder of Inedo.

Host Dave Rael picks a new guest each week, each representing different roles, countries, or technologies. It’s a great listen, and one that gives some genuine insights into key differences and similarities across the field.

Alex Papadimoulis talks to Dave Rael about inventions and products, making a mark, DevOps, engineering and marketing, and scaling an organization. It's about an hour long, so here is a breakdown of the different areas they review and when.

  • 0:16 - Dave introduces the show and Alex Papadimoulis
  • 2:33 - Alex's business: Inedo
  • 4:37 - Alex's life with less emphasis on coding and shifting into business concerns as opposed to the technical
  • 9:43 - Building an organization to the lowest common denominator
  • 12:07 - Alex's passion for software and how it has changed
  • 13:36 - Inventions vs products and engineering and marketing
  • 18:32 - Alex's story of learning, the hard way, about what is really involved about building and selling a product
  • 24:03 - International markets and Inedo's Japan branch
  • 28:09 - Alex's stories of failure - trying to increase product market with a complex pricing model without success metrics, renaming The Daily WTF
  • 35:44 - The story of The Daily WTF
  • 38:05 - Alex's success story - having built and scaled a stable organization
  • 39:40 - Scaling teams and learning about strike teams vs armies
  • 44:33 - The rewards of building a business people like
  • 47:03 - Alex's current life and balance
  • 48:30 - Alex's advice about choosing books
  • 50:39 - How Alex stays current with what he needs to know
  • 54:10 - Alex's top 3 tips for delivering more value
  • 56:55 - Keeping up with Alex