Discover how Hedgehog can help your organization's transition to microservice-based applications

Moving from monolithic applications to microservice-based applications is a smart decision, but comes with its own set of challenges. Even though you're breaking down a giant complex problem into smaller, more manageable ones – that can be deployed without disrupting other services – the difficulty comes in the management of all these new independent pieces that need to be able to work together.

Universal Packages allow for these smaller, independent bundles of code to be created, tested, and reused in a uniform process for all microservices. In Hedgehog you define this uniform process so that each team can deploy their own services in a consistent manner, which allows you to manage the increased complexity while meeting your compliance needs.

In our upcoming webinar, Accelerate & Scale Releases with Universal Packages, Inedo Founder and CEO Alex Papadimoulis will cover some of the challenges of deploying microservices, discuss how the Inedo Solution can help, and provide a demonstration of our latest product, Hedgehog.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Create a self-service deployment platform conducive to a microservice-based architecture
  • Establish a uniform process to manage complexity while meeting your compliance needs
  • Address the challenges associated with transitioning from monolithic- to microservice-based applications

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