Ship your applications and components faster with Universal Packages

Faster, Better, and Free Software Delivery

Universal Packages can help! You can package your applications and components directly from the Visual Studio Extension or the Jenkins Plug-in, or using free and open-source tools including the Universal Package Explorer or the cross-platform UPack Command-line Interface.

If you want to get started with UPack or just understand Universal Packages better, check out the training seminar we hosted in December, 2018:

We cover a lot in the seminar, but here's a quick recap:

  • Benefits of introducing Universal Packages to your software development and distribution
  • UPack platform: tools, technologies, and libraries
  • Creating and publishing your applications or components as Universal Packages
  • Package validation and verification
  • Package development lifecycle and repackaging

Why should you use Universal Packages?

Software packaging is immensely useful for deployment of software libraries, tooling, and more. There is a package system for almost every environment you could imagine.

But how does this help you with environments that don't share a common packaging system?

Our solution is to build Universal Packages that allow you to take your software wherever it is you need it to go.

Next Steps:

To learn more about the Universal Packaging, watch the full training seminar here:

To learn more about UPack, our Universal Packaging Platform, check out:

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