Taking down the Monolith with Kevin Griffin

Learning from passionate subject matter experts is a hallmark of the conference experience. Learning from experienced training professionals can take a normal conference session to the next level of accessibility and help provide a deeper understanding for attendees.

Ensuring that we had great teachers, and not just speakers, at InedoCon 2019 was a requirement for us from the very beginning.

Kevin Griffin, as owner of Swift Kick consulting, is not just a development expert but a gifted trainer that makes instruction a key part of his development process.

Aside from leading the ProGet Certification Workshops at InedoCon 2019, we're ecstatic that Kevin will also be leading a session: Taking Down a Monolith One Package at a Time.

Hear about his session in his own words in this short video:

Kevin's experience as a consultant gives him a refreshing perspective as an outsider specializing in decoupling the parts of monolith applications to make them more stable and secure; while speeding up release cycles that are often measured in quarters.

His experience with Health Care, Ticket Brokering, and Military codebases has given Kevin vast experience in seeing what large organizations do wrong, and how to fix it in a maintainable way!

About Kevin

Aside from his work as a consultant, Kevin is a frequent conference speaker, an author, and an Inedo Certified Trainer. Not only can he teach you better and more in-depth ways to use Inedo's tools – he wrote some of the training modules and courses that we use to train others! Even our CEO has learned something new from these training sessions!

InedoCon 2019 Highlights

InedoCon 2019 is our first ever user-conference! Join us May 22-23 in Portland, OR for an Automation Journey for Enterprises.

Hear from our CEO, Alex Papadimoulis, why now was the right time to host our own conference! Join the Inedo Team for a jam-packed two days of speaker sessions, workshops, and certification courses.

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See you at InedoCon 2019!